Thursday, February 21, 2008

mr. piggy is done!

I've been wanting to make a pig, because Em was born in the year of the pig and Finally!! After messing up my "work/dinner area", little porky pig is done!!! It took me quite some time to finish this, since I was so busy lately. A bit disappointed with its size...I guess my yarn is too small :( and I've made Mr.Piggy a wok to carry but I think the wok is too big for him hahahahaha :) The apron turned out ok...not the best but I'm quite happy with the overall result...onto my next project! I need to re-learn knitting!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I came across this great website, called burdastyle. I love this web, it has a lot of HOW TOs :) great for beginner in sewing like me :). Check it out!

o how u've grown

It's true what all my friends have said about having babies...once they start crawling...HEADACHE...When you've past 40 days, you're getting used to having a baby and once you've passed 3 months, you're an expert and once you've passed 6 months, you'd wish you have a newborn hahahahahahha. Em can now struggles standing by herself, has her daily routine and an excellent eater. It used to be so hard feeding her until the day I mixed sweet corn to her food and, she will start getting cranky around 12:30 and 5:30 pm asking to be fed hahahahahahaha.


Last week, Cath and her friend, Agnes, decided to come by for a little crochet lesson on how to make the ring...well, I was only teaching Cath, since Agnes is more senior than us hahahahaha. I also got this BEAUTIFUL mixed cotton yarn from Agnes (thanks, Agnes!!! so happy every time I catch glimpse of that yarn) and I've been imagining all the possibilities ever since :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

varied price

The other day, Mom was cleaning her messy bag filled with receipts (just like my bags...all messy with bills) and she was observing the receipts from Crystal Jade at Plaza Senayan and Crystal Jade at Pacific Place. For the same dish, the Crystal Jade at Pacific Place costs more! between Rp.3,000-Rp.10,000 extra, plus they add service charge...waaahh...quite interesting time I think I'll eat at PS ;)


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