Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sewmanics first bazaar

I've been so busy these past few weeks.  It all comes down tomorrow when I'll be loading and decorating our booth.  Come visit us at Mother and Baby Bazaar at Balai Kartini.  We'll be selling our children clothing.  So, if you're in Jakarta, come by and say Hello :).  I'll be at the booth on Friday (3-6pm), Saturday (9am-Noon) and Sunday (Noon-3pm).

What: SEWMANICS @ Mother and Baby Bazaar
When: July 30th - August 1st, from 9am - 6pm
Where: Booth C11 @ Balai Kartini, Gatot Subroto
Hope to see you there ;)

Friday, July 23, 2010

baby shower pouches

My cousin forced me into making some pouches for her friend's baby shower.  I made a prototype and I asked my domestic helper to sew the rest during my vacation :D.  It turned out quite cute...she's going to fill them with candies and bath salts :)

failed projects...again

Sigh....I hate failures :)...I tried making some clutches for my nieces...but I kinda took the wrong measurement and made the wrong pattern....sigh...ow could've been sooo cute.. :)

wedding ring pillow: done!

Remember I posted my wedding ring pillow crochet top??  Well, it's finally done!  I'd say it looks awfully pretty :D...Chia made it for her best friend's wedding :).  Lucky friend... :p

Thursday, July 22, 2010

basking under the sun in the island of gods

My whole big family + my sister in law, went on a trip to Bali!  It was heavenly.  I love Bali...the kids looove Bali, everyone loves Bali.  We stayed at Novotel Nusa Dua, a very good place to stay when you travel in large group and very family friendly.

On the first day, My mom, sister and sister in law went to Tulamben for diving at the USS Liberty wreck.  We did two dives there.  It was fun and easy, and we didn't use the boat to go to the site, coz it was right in front of the we walked there :D.

Then we took a drive to Seminyak, shopped some and ate some :)...The next day hubby went golfing at Nirwana and it was my turn to take care of the misfits :D.  They had their hairs braided.  I was amazed at how behaved they were when the ladies braided their hair...It probably took them around two hours to finish.  We went to the beach...little M was reluctant in the beginning....but had a blast and refused to go home :D.

The next day was probably the highlight of our trip :D.  We got free spa treatments, courtesy of our kind family friend :).  It was just the most beautiful experience...all we had to do was reviewing the treatments.  It was at Seminyak area, at a place called Prana.  It was pure bliss :).

My sisters waiting to be called in and started the treatments.

From there, we went to Karma Kandara.  A beautiful luxurious villas at Uluwatu.  The view was simply breathtaking.  They were under renovation, so we had lunch on top where there was no view.  But it was simply magical.  I'd love to stay there one day :).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

gifts and art swap calling

I love gifts...who doesn't?  On Tuesday, two lovely unexpected packages arrived at my house, I got some beautiful things from Jo of Chubby Hobby ... I looove the fabrics, the ribbons and even the little cute stars for nails and the vintage buttons!!!!!...the other package was from Sweet Limes, packed with beautiful handmade cards and brooches.  Thank you :) I love them all so so so so much...

Then, yesterday, I came home to all these beautiful goodies from my best friend, Chia, who just got back from Korea.  Look at that cuuuute carton gift boxes by livework and take a look at that dog bookmarks! and the pencil...hihihihihi and the washi tape...thank you, friends...

Then, I felt bad...because I was only able to find one person for this art swap that's been going on the internet...I still need 5 more people to join...*sigh*, if you're interested, email me :) need to send your handmade thing(s) ( it can be anything our drawing/handmade postcard, accessoris, anything! to people that we don't know at all, and in return you may get the same thing from people you don't even know...this art swap was started by the talented Anthea of Spoonful zine.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After a lot of sewing for M's birthday, I just don't feel like sewing at all....I know the urge would certainly be back....soon :D...I hope...I've been reading breaking dawn...and when that ended, I just needed another new I watched True Blood...and now when that ended...I don't know what to do...I LOVE TRUE BLOOD :)...what's not to like??? sexy men..check...good story...check hihihihihihi.

Anyways...I just want to show what I bought awhile ago....I bought two original paintings from my favorite painter, Matte Stephens.  I'm so in love with them :).  I can't wait to have my own place, where I'll be able to hang my precious paintings...

Friday, July 9, 2010

a wonderful morning surprise

Awhile ago, a friend asked me to teach her how to sew...So, one fine weekend, she came over to my apartment with her protruding pregnant belly, eager to learn.  I must say, she's a natural :)  She was able to sew straight lines immediately and her bibs as well as her bag, turned out nicely :).  So, I lent her my spare sewing machine, so she can fiddle around with it :).  End of this week, she will be leaving to Perth for her delivery and won't be back till the end of this year :(.  

This morning, her driver dropped off the sewing machine at my apartment and it came with a wonderful surprise with it.  A beautiful card pack with on the bottom and an absolutely ADORABLE dachshund dog on top, wearing a crystal collar :) I don't think I'll ever use the cards, though...they're too pretty and precious to me :).  If you want to order some for yourself, you can definitely do so, but it might take some time, because she'll be in Perth :).  You can order through adorama and personalize your cards :).  Oooooo how do I get to be so lucky :)....happiness...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

e-reader in indonesia

Do you know there's a new company, called papataka...they sell e-readers and e-books :).  I'd say it's the first in Indonesia.  I just went to a book fair at Istora Senayan and bought a few interesting things :).  But I must say, papataka is awfully interesting...they even have New York Times bestsellers as well as some interesting free books!!! Oooo and you can read comics!  There are even some craft books.  I am seriously considering about buying an e-reader soon.  I'm currently reading Breaking Dawn, and it's awfully thick to carry around....oooo I can SO IMAGINE myself reading through an e-reader :)

new fabric shelf

I know sometimes I wish I have a fabric factory, and other times, I'd wish I have an offset printer...but now, I'm just happy I have a furniture factory :)...because I get to ask favors :) this new wooden shelf for my fabrics :D.  After seeing Chia's shelves, I simply got to have one myself :)...I've been looking and looking for a spot to place the shelf...there...the perfect spot, right next to the TV cabinet :D.  I'm sure my fabrics are very happy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

happy birthday my dearest baby was M's 3 years impromptu birthday bash last weekend :)  I wasn't going to celebrate it, but decided to throw her a little party at my parents' house.  I didn't have much time to prepare for a goody bag and saw this doggy bag in one of my Japanese books and decided to do that :).  With a lot of help from the housekeepers, we finished them juuuuust in time before the party.  It was just a simple birthday with family and friends...I prepared some painting activities, as well as bead jewelry section :).  A very talented face painter was there too (Chia's wonderful hubby) :D THANKS, JO!

Before the party :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

a cute baby book

All these times...I didn't know this baby book is my friend's!  I've been eyeing this baby book, and every time I saw it at Kinokuniya, I knew I couldn't buy it...because I've already bought a baby book :(.  So, if you need a baby book, call to order at: +62 (0)21 3441509.  It's IDR 150,000 each :).

sewing up a storm

here are the things need to be done in my sewing room (headache)...the things we do for our beloved kids :).  Ohh...and they now have nose :) hehehhehehehee

a little play with the silhouette :)

I must say...I'm IMPRESSED and very happy :).  I was just showing how the machine worked to my friend the other day :) it worked well :D...This is the second time I've played with it :)...I'll have to start playing with it soon :)


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