Thursday, July 8, 2010

e-reader in indonesia

Do you know there's a new company, called papataka...they sell e-readers and e-books :).  I'd say it's the first in Indonesia.  I just went to a book fair at Istora Senayan and bought a few interesting things :).  But I must say, papataka is awfully interesting...they even have New York Times bestsellers as well as some interesting free books!!! Oooo and you can read comics!  There are even some craft books.  I am seriously considering about buying an e-reader soon.  I'm currently reading Breaking Dawn, and it's awfully thick to carry around....oooo I can SO IMAGINE myself reading through an e-reader :)

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  1. I have an e-reader. Its wonderful!
    No more big heavy books, no more pages turning and losing your place.
    If your a big reader I recommend getting one! Mine has an online link to and I can browse and buy books with just a click. Can't get much easier than that!! Go for it!


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