Monday, August 30, 2010

no, it's not a matte stephens'

It's a Matte Stephens' knock off by me! hahahhahaa...sorry Matte...I took a drawing private lesson on Sunday, and we were told to bring a photo of a painting we like and try drawing it.  Naturally, I picked my favorite painter's painting...the talented Mr. Stephens :D.  This is the result of my copy cat hahahhaha.  I didn't know painting on a canvas using acrylic can be so much fun and relaxing :).  I guess that adds to my list of hobbies :).

My buddy, Chia...chose a harder and more complicated object to draw, an Iwan Soelistiyo painting...and turns out very very nice :)'ve done a great job, Chia!!! :D



I've been wanting to post this great achievement by David Getty and my sister, Stephanie of tinder.tinker.  A few weeks ago my sister SMSed me in the middle of the night telling me how excited she was that their design got selected as the 12 winners out of 600+ entrants for The Sukkah City competition in NYC.  I didn't realize how big of a deal this was until I went to the website the next day.  The juries for this competition are well known people in the industry...The 12 winners will compete in Union Square Park, NYC on the 19th-20th September.

Quoting from the press release Haberman, Nancy."Sukkah City 2010 Winners Announced." Rubbenstein Communications. August 19th, 2010. Web. August 30th, 2010. <>, "Sukkah City,, an ambitious global architectural contest that engaged the design, creative and architectural worlds to radically reinvent the ancient sukkah, today announced the twelve winners of the competition that will be on display in Union Square Park, ahead of the week-long festival of Sukkot. The selected designs will be built by their designers at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn and then driven by truck to Union Square for public display on Sunday, September 19 and Monday, September 20."

David and Stephanie both went to the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), mastering in Architecture.  They have just completed their Master's degree this summer and not being biased, I am impressed with their talents and very proud too :).  Please support them if you're in NYC area and vote for them :)'ll get their goody bag...filled with wonderful surprises ;).

Well done, guys! and good luck out there ;)


more for my sister

My lovely sister has been pestering me to make her a book pouch with a pencil I used this ikat RTBM is hand woven silk...very delicate but the color is absolutely has a little shine to it and the yellow is absolutely brilliant...and it wasn't too hard to sew either.  I love how it turned out.  I lined it with stripe fabric...she loves stripes.  I'll miss you much when you go back to the States tonight :(...don't know when we'll see each other again.



The weekend before last weekend, My Mom and I decided to go to the last day of Kridaya fair.  I didn't buy too much :)...but I did buy my favorite Tenun Imam, and I'd like to say sorry to the lovely owners...I messed up your booth by unfolding those beautiful fabrics you displayed :p.  I also bought a blue dress for Misfit, from Danar Hadi...I love the color and style and most importantly, the price was good :D.  One of my favorite store had a stall open too, I forgot what it's called, but they sell their batiks using natural color dyes...and hence, their batiks are bluish-indigo in color....I wanted to buy a shirt for my Mister, but I think they've sold a lot and not much left :(...The Batik horse statue was quite impressive...It's not pretty or anything, the eyes looked scary but I like the Batik patchwork idea on its body :).

I love the print on this brown hand drawn batik...I saw another lovely pink swan too...but I didn't take a picture of that one...this is quite pricey...about 420 USD each :(...and I absolutely adore that patchwork/leftover fabrics jacket!  


and...the sewmanics winner is...

Holasoylulu, and she's actually the first to comment :)...Congrats!  I'll be emailing you soon for details :)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

a family affair

I had 4 birthday cake...there's another one that I didn't take a picture of :)...I'm on my 3rd cake now...I think the ice cream teddy bear/mouse cake can wait for last :), since it would last longer.  Thank you for making my day special :), friends.  Thanks for the wonderful batiks too :D.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a gift through sewmanics

We got a gift order through Sewmanics, a girl's kimono PJ :) for a little girl named Hillary :).  The order came from a friend who wants it delivered directly to Hillary :).  So, I made a rocking horse with my rocking horse card :).  I hope you like it.


the goods

They're finally here!!! Thank you for bringing them to Jakarta, Hen :D.  I've troubled my sister's boy friend so much by asking him to bring these home :D.  They're finally here...I'm so excited for the wee wonderfuls book!


another year to my age :)

I dreaded today...because I turn 3 - 0 but I still feel like I'm in my 20s hahahahhaa :)'ll read me dreading the day when I turn 4 - 0 and hopefully, by then I'll still be blogging and you'll still be reading :D.  It's quiet husband had to leave to the US to attend his grandma's funeral, who passed away on tonight, we'll just have dinner at my parents' house.  

This morning, Chia dropped me a loaf of bread she baked herself...a yummy raisin bread...THANK YOU...I LOVE THE BREAD!!! SO SO SO SO MUCH.  Big M kissed me and wished me happy birthday this morning and she said she wants to celebrate Mommy's birthday :).  Although my better half isn't here, I'm very happy and thankful to spend it with my lovely misfits and family :).   


Monday, August 23, 2010

a gift of love ;)

Chia...I told you not to get me anything...I knew you were extremely busy with the wedding and all...but thank you anyway for your wonderful thought ... fabrics from purl and two cute bottles of maple syrups! wow...Can you tell I'm extremely happy and grateful.  Thank you, dahhhhhling :) you're the best!  Ooo and the doily, I cut using my Silhouette SD :)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

the readers seahorses

I love getting emails from my readers :)...specially emails with their projects from my tutorial :) makes me happy :).  Here are some I've received from Tara and Mary.  I hope these lovely seahorses brightens the day of the receiver :).  Thanks for sharing, peeps...


Thursday, August 19, 2010

a birthday camera pouch

My buddy buddy just had her 30th birthday (apparently 30 is the new 21 :P ), I decided to whip up a camera pouch for her camera :)...after much thought...I decided to make it using a red usagi print...Couldn't find a pink one, buddy!  I know you'd love a pink one ;) I'll make you a new one later on, kay! :D.  I promise I'll make a little tutorial on it...soon, I hope :D


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a birthday lion card

Just thought of an idea...and drew the idea on autoCAD and gocco it onto my blank cards :)...mmm next time I'll use blue or red :)...but the gold ain't too bad :)


our first online order

This week, I got TWO orders for Sewmanics! :D...Thanks Shin and Mon ;) truly appreciate it :).  I hope you like them :)


Monday, August 16, 2010

tutorial: foxy bag pattern and competition calling

Well, it's not actually a tutorial, just a pattern.  I'm calling everyone who's interested to make this bag :).  I tried making mine...I used synthetic leather and forgot to put in the ears and synthetic leathers were just hellish to sew :(.  So, I'm putting this aside for the time being...and ask dear readers :) make me one finished product me your finished product, k! :)...

Or...maybe I should make this into a little competition??? till the end of the month??? and I'll prepare a nice package for the winner ;)...what say you?? are you in??

Here is the link to foxy pattern

Here are some suggestions:
1. Use felt for eyes
2. Add a bag strap on the side
3. Leather would be so nice :)
4. Canvas would do too :)


Saturday, August 14, 2010

sewmanics giveaway

Finally, after much fiddling with Sewmanics website, it's finally up and running!  So, I'd like to giveaway something from Sewmanics.  All you have to do, go to Sewmanics ( website and tell me an item that you like and why (  The competition will be closed on Sunday, August 29th 2010 and it is open for everyone.  The winner will get the item he/she likes on the comment. 


Friday, August 13, 2010


I all might probably be sick and tired of seeing my boat-themed gift pouch :)...forgive me for being so uncreative :)....but I love sail boats...specially on little boys ... this one is for little M's friend :)...happy birthday, Mark :)

As I was photographing the pouch...little missy decided to join in the fun :)...I always find it interesting to see big difference on both of my kids' characters :) can they be so similar in many ways and yet so very different in a lot of ways...I love you, sweeties...a lot :)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

another peek into my life

I'm slowly posting some of the things I've been wanting to post... :).  Did I tell you how PROUD I am of my mom?  Her pictures are on the latest edition of Ocean Geographic...well, maybe last month's edition now, since it's taken me so long to post :).  But I'm so very proud of her...I think she truly deserves this acknowledgement.  She's gone a long way to where she is today...cheers to you, Mom :)

This is the cover of the magazine where the pictures are :)

Then I got this picture of big M before her Birthday party....busy "helping" us out :)...excited with all the big fuss :)'re going to have to wait another year for another big one, sweetie :)


for sale: wooden thread spools

I've had these spools done for a while, now...but I haven't got time to post it yet :).  So, this morning I finally took some pictures.  I only have 1 more red thread spool left, the others will come in its natural color  similar to this one.  If you're in Indonesia and interested in buying one, do email me :) and by the way, it does not come with the threads :D

The legs can be stowed in for wall installation.  There are two holes at the back of each stand so you can hang it on the wall.


Monday, August 9, 2010

tutorial: Two ways skirt

I saw this skirt while I browsed my fave japanese magazine...Cotton Time...and I flipped back and forth but couldn't find the how to...So, I thought...why not try making it myself for the misfits :).  I still owe little Misfit a 2 ways skirt too :).  You can wear it as a skirt, or you can wear it as a top! :).  You can even make one for yourself! :)...Just make sure you elongate the ribbon :).

As usual, here's the link to the tutorial and please email me if it doesn't work, I'll email you the file ;)

A few suggestions:

  • Add an extra or 2 rows of elastics for adult
  • Lengthen and widen the bow
  • You can try having the front panel shorter than the back panel, so the ribbon won't pull the sides


Saturday, August 7, 2010

the birthday party

Li'l Gracie's birthday was a success :).  We came very late and missed out a lot, because Big Misfit had to go to school first and I kinda had to finish off the little doll :D.  I helped Gracie's mom with the bunting cheer up the party :).  Good food...good company...good party :)...Cheers!


a weewonderfuls doll for a wee birthday girl

Happy Birthday, Gracie...I love making dolls...I just hope one day, Gracie will like Louise :D...My Old misfit doesn't really fancy human dolls...but I do :D...well, at least little misfit does too :)...I'll make another one for them...eventually :D.  I bought the pattern from weewonderfuls.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

happy birthday, sis

Yesterday was my younger sister's birthday.  It's been awhile since we last celebrated it together...I've forgotten when was the last time I celebrated her birthday...usually she's in Australia and I was in the States...then I'm home, she's in the get the idea :).  I didn't have much time to prepare her birthday present, but she's been pestering me for a stripe pouch with red zipper and a make up brush pouch.  Since I was busy preparing the bazaar, I whipped these after work yesterday and finished it juuust in time for her before our delicious BBQ steak dinner :) she's asking for more pouches... :D

The chocco chiffon cake from La Mouette was so good...fluffy with good chocolate :)...I love it :D, then they played with fireworks...we had fun, last night...despite the little incident with our BBQ equipment :p

The kiddos tortured their Aunt, uncle and Kung-Kung (Grandfather)...time for another massage for them :D 


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

around the mother and baby fair

I have to admit....I did not take enough pictures during the fair...but I did take some of these pictures...some of Indonesia's celebrity bloggers ;)....the talented Tara Amelz, Amesh of Dreamesh and their friends :)

Then, as I was accompanying my family ate their noodles, a nice man sitting next to us kindly asked me which booth was I at?  I said...My booth is the one all the way at the end...the one in the corner, together with Dreamesh Living...and Yudhis (the man's name) asked whether I know who did me me :D hehehehe...apparently, Yudhis, his wife and their adorable cute curly daughter are the owners of nenen shop!!! :) was definitely nice knowing the 3 of you in that brief moments of life :)

My friend, Cynthia was also at the fair...she's ultra talented...with her cute children clothing lines.  They're made from cute and adorable fabrics...and her designs are adorable.  You all should check her cute little online shop :)... lil pomme, I'm quite sure you'll find something that you like :)


mother and baby fair - day one and two

I must say, this bazaar experience was TOTALLY fun :).  I'm so lucky to have cool booth-mates :D...I think our items coordinate well together...our color combinations definitely blend well :D...and overall, I'm happy with how everything turned out :).  Meeting some of the people who walked in to our booth was a precious experience...the whole thing was exciting to me :).  I'm definitely looking forward to our next bazaar together, friends.... ;)

Our booth

Big M, enjoying her little sofa by Dreamesh Living...sadly, it was sold not log after this...well, I mean...good for Amesh ;) but not so good for our booth's display :D

I'm so proud of these bibs...these were the last set...and by the end of day one, my friend bought these last bibs for her nephew :)...all sold out!

Sewmanics' little section with Emma lounging on Dreamesh's comfy pillows, pouffs and such :)

I sold some of my cards too!!! I'm so happy...even my covered buttons got :) very touched by people who would buy them from me :)...thank you, my customers :) I truly appreciate it


our space creation....

The story went like this...
We need something to make our 4x4 (m) booth looked nice.  So, at a moment's talented sister and her boyfriend, drew me wooden racks, which I asked the factory to make on Tuesday and it was done by Thursday :D (thank you, guys are the best!).  So, came Thursday night...we went to Balai was definitely HOT and HUMID and STUFFY...but it was fun and our booth turned out A O K :D

Displaying the items...I love how Steph and David made places to hang dresses and the children's clothing.

From Left to Right...Rani and Gita from Kinanti, Amesh from Dreamesh, Chia and I from Sewmanics and we were missing Dedek and Nia from and that's our heavily inspired Manuella Bag for Sewmanics ;), modeled by the talented David the Architect :D



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