Monday, July 11, 2011

more alphabet pillows

We got another order for a baby gift :).  Hope you like them!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

sewmanics' alphabet pillows

were used as moreno&co's photo props :).  We're so happy to see how they look.  These pictures were taken from their facebook page.  I actually know DSs and her husband in person, so I'm very happy when I found out the pillows we made were used for her photo shoot.

D and her husband :)


the princess' lunch bag

Remember my old posting? I've decided to use oliver+s pattern for the bento bag :) but instead of using fabric, I used plastic canvas.  I kinda like how they look...simple and happy :). 

When opened, it could be used as a place mat :)


big m's birthday prep

Last week was Princess M's birthday.  We decided to just invite her classmates and cousins and since she's been nagging me to have a birthday at lollipop, so it was only natural to celebrate it there.  I'll post some pictures soon :)...been extra busy with life...


Saturday, July 2, 2011

underwater indonesia

The book has actually been out for quite awhile, they're now for sale at Kinokuniya.  It was launched during The Deep show a few months ago.  This is my Mom's and her friends' first underwater photography book.  Some of her underwater photos are featured in this book and I am so proud of her.  One of the biggest bank in Indonesia, BCA, will feature all of her underwater photos for their 2012 calendar!!!!  I could hardly wait!  I've seen the preview and I must's well done...I think she's a pro, now :).  Congrats, Mom! You're the best!


Friday, July 1, 2011

sewmanics @ baby bean's photo competition

Baby Bean had a cool picnic day out competition!  Too bad we were not able to attend the event!  It was a very successful event done by Feity of Baby Bean.  Vote soon on their facebook page.  Here are some pictures Feity took on their goody bags by Sewmanics :) and the decor.  Thanks, Feit and excellent photos!!

Rabbit bags, Monster bags and tutu bags

the decor



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