Sunday, May 31, 2009

goodies bag

I didn't realize it's almost misfit number 1's birthday! Which means...I need to start planning and making. So, today I've decided to make a trial bag for her Thank You goodie bags and see what changes need be made. I need to think what to put inside, now....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

happiness is...

Spending my afternoon at a fabric shop and brought home some beauties :). Ooooo how I love pasar Mayestik :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

another skirt

After the not so rave response from Emma after seeing the pants, I've decided to make her another skirt. She's been wanting a skirt in this orange fabric...So, I've finally made one for her :). I need to alter the band, the top is a bit too wide....and yes, Emma loves her new skirt :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

an ipod makes a happy toddler

Lately Emma refuses to sleep in the car on her comfortable baby chair! On bad traffic days, she would cry and cry and cry and drives us nuts! We bought a DVD player but the player sux and won't play US region dvds plus it's so bulky and since our car is small, there's not much space between Emma and the screen. So, I just remembered their ipod! And after downloading a few cool podcasts for children (they have Sesame Street, Dora, Diego, and the list goes on) it was put to the test. Emma is one happy toddler! :) She's also happy singing to her ipod songs when we don't give her the podcasts. Francis just told me last week that he got this wire thingy to plug into the ipod so the sound would come out on the radio!!! If only I have known sooner...

frozen yogurt

Lately I've been craving J.Co's frozen yogurt (somehow I prefer J.Co's than Sour Sally's). So, I've decided to take out my old ice cream maker and try making it myself. It turned out to work quite well, and very easy too! I just dumped the whole yogurt into the machine and let it run for 10-15 minutes until it was hardened. Though I must say I need to get another brand of yogurt :) (don't really like the taste).

2 pants

I've finally made pants for Emma. Pants because I did 2 left/right sides then I was too lazy to undo all the stitches and decided to make the other sides (hence the 2 pants) hehehehe. They're still a tad bit too big for Emma. I love the material, I think it's a combination of linen and cotton and quite thick too. I made 2 versions around the waist band just for fun and on one of the pants decided to try on a little "brand" to test my machine and worked quite well :) but ooops you get to see how messy my sewing is :p.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

printing pasar tebet style

I've decided to look for a letterpress printing (cheap one, though) and Pasar Tebet seemed to be a good source :). Though it wasn't a fruitful hunt, Pasar Tebet certainly was VERY interesting :), specially if you're looking for wedding invitations :D.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a diaper/changing pouch

Last night, I decided to try and make another model of the diaper/changing pouch. It turned out quite okay, just a bit too big and I made 2 SAME stupid mistakes in a row! arghghghg (I had to pull out the stitches twice because I sewed inside out!). I'll be making a smaller version of it tonight for a gift.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

productive week

This week, I've been quite productive :). Made some little pouches (with lots of love) for friends and onto making little dresses for my little misfits.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


nani iro's skirt

I bought a Nani Iro's pattern book (ISBN978-4-579-11183-1) and I made the skirt for the morning when she woke up and saw the skirt, she said "bagus, mommy" (nice, mommy) and I was on cloud 9 :).

oliver+s tea party sundress

Here is another oliver+s pattern. I used an extra lining for this dress, because the bottom material is rather fine. It is a bit more complicated compared to the pajamas and took longer to make but I'm so happy with the finished product :D.


So, I've finally enrolled Emma to school (she started in January). After going around a few pre-schools in my area, we've decided to enroll her to ismile. We like the fact that it's nearby our apartment, we love how they don't force Emma to study but learn through play and of course...we love their indoor gym with brand new play area.

addiction number 2

Lately...I've been addicted to Japanese (sewing, craft, crochet, embroidery, anything cute) books. I really must steer far far away from Kinokuniya.

addiction number 1 name is Nathalia, and I am addicted to...fabrics

oliver+s kimono pajamas

I bought an oliver+s pattern and I'm in love with everything oliver+s ever since. Next time I make the pajamas, I will need to resize the waist for Emma, since it is now too small for her. It's quite an easy pattern, though took me awhile to finish. I'm very happy with how it turned out


I was scheduled for a c-section on 28th October 2008, therefore I didn't prepare my "delivery bag". However, my little miss Belle decided she needed to be out on the 25th, while her obgyn is away on a conference while her daddy went away to the airport to pick up her grandparents and nanny! So little miss belle and mommy were rushed to the hospital as soon as daddy arrived from the airport and she was born approximately 45 minutes later at 11:21 pm, weighing 3.55 kg and 52 cm.


So yes...I've been aways for quite some time...and while I was away in Brisbane last year, I took a sewing lesson with Deb :). This dress was the result of my taking some sewing lessons with her! I like Deb, she was a nice teacher and I got to do the projects I wanted to do!


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