Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ooo baby

I was just starting to eat those delicious super fresh oysters, raw fish and all things raw!!! then I found out we're going to have a second one :).  Yes, we were planning on having a mousey but we wanted a late mousey (i.e. born some time in Jan/Feb of next year) but we thought we ought to start early this time, because Emma didn't happen in one go :p.  So, after I was done expressing my breast milk for Emma for six months, I stopped giving her my milk so I could be fertile again...and here I am on my fifth month....I guess this one happened in one go...I haven't even had my period yet...and this girl number 2 will make us a family of four on 28th of October 2008 (c-section date with Dr. Cook in Brisbane).

Now you know the "real" reason why I've been lazy....lately :)

my my...lazy me :)

Didn't realize how time flies when you're busy :)...I haven't been writing for more than 4 months now...mostly because I'm too lazy...lazy to write, lazy to crochet and lazy to get online once home.

Emma's picture was finally published by Ayahbunda magazine, she appeared on both the magazine and book edition. 

Emma is almost 1 year old :) she was only a tiny baby 1 year ago... and she's an active drooling baby who crawls everywhere she likes...oh and she loves her pink duck bike, donated by her cousin, Claire hihihihi :)
Yes...she's grown some hair, though not long and still spikey like his dad's :) and yes...people still mistook her for a boy...though she's obviously wearing pink (other times I put her on neutral colours, so I can't blame them).  

We left her for 2 horrible weeks to visit Patrice in the US for her graduation.  It was the longest 2 weeks in my life.  Never thought I'd cry on the plane thinking of Emma nor did I expect not enjoying the US.  Francis and I both feel that our lives now revolve around our little angel :).  This time, when we went to Woodburry Outlet, I bought nothing for myself (well, mostly because I'm pregnant and could not fit into anything nice) and bought a luggage full of clothing for Emma hahahahaha they're so cheap and extremely cute.


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