Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ooo baby

I was just starting to eat those delicious super fresh oysters, raw fish and all things raw!!! then I found out we're going to have a second one :).  Yes, we were planning on having a mousey but we wanted a late mousey (i.e. born some time in Jan/Feb of next year) but we thought we ought to start early this time, because Emma didn't happen in one go :p.  So, after I was done expressing my breast milk for Emma for six months, I stopped giving her my milk so I could be fertile again...and here I am on my fifth month....I guess this one happened in one go...I haven't even had my period yet...and this girl number 2 will make us a family of four on 28th of October 2008 (c-section date with Dr. Cook in Brisbane).

Now you know the "real" reason why I've been lazy....lately :)

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