Monday, February 28, 2011

extra curricular bag

I've promised my friend's daughter a bag for her extra curricular activities...since last year :p...I feel like I'm starting to sew for all my "promises"...I have another promise project after this :D hehehehehe.  This is just a simple bag made from laminated fabric I got in Japan.  I love the's so pretty :)...Enjoy, Fel!  Hope you like it :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dearest baby kate

I think I'm making 2 for myself...just because I LOVE the japanese fabric :)...and I love the waffle fabric combo with it :).  I do hope baby Kate's mama will find it useful...but first I need to send it hehehehe


lazy top

Big M is all happy again...she's well and no more ulcers :).  I asked her to model for me this morning too.  I love this lazy comfy top and I certainly love the batik I bought from Bali...Maybe I should make a plain one too for the kiddos :)...maybe...


Monday, February 21, 2011

cars pouch

I loooove how this simple pouch turned out :).  It's something I've promised my friend since last year :p...I know I know...procrastinating is not good :p but I had a little time yesterday before going to the gym (yes, my new year's resolution is to be fit) and finished the pouch for Matt's little cars.  Enjoy, Matt!!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

a very special valentine

Today, lil misfit is down with hand foot and mouth disease (hfmd) and I'm not even sure how she got it :(.  She can't eat anything because her mouth is filled with ulcers :'(...I'm just hoping and praying big M won't get it.  Then, as I was putting lil M to nap, big M came home from school, all excited.  She gave me a valentine's card and a heart stick.  She was all smiles and I was really touched :).  She said I made you a valentine's card,'re so you like it, Mommy?? She totally melted my heart :D...I love you too, baby :) sure put a smile on my face today :)


wishing u a very happy marriage

Big Misfit's teacher just got married and as a class, we've decided to give angpao (red pocket) and a handmade bag with the children's hand prints on it.  Stupid me took the wrong fabric for the bag!!!  Instead of using white canvas, I used my precious cross stitch fabric I bought in Melbourne!!! I didn't realize it until last night as I was finishing the bag :'( booo hoooo...ow well :).  I heard the teacher was happy, and that makes me happy too ;)...have a blessed and happy marriage, ms! 


Thursday, February 10, 2011

tutorial: with love on val's day

Chia was kind to share her idea and took pictures for me :).  It's a valentine's gift little missy E made lovingly for her friends at school.  Maybe...just maybe, Misfits should do the same...or maybe not...coz mommy is too lazy :p


activity book

This was my last minute project before I left Melbourne...I know my hubby hates it when I do last minute sewing, instead of packing :p...To my defense, these activity books kept the misfits entertained for quite awhile (then it was the Ipod Touch hahhahhaa).  Emma's book was wrong but she likes it.  I'm just glad they like them...because I used to looooove empty drawing books when I was a kid...and I remember drawing a lot of princess' dresses hehehehe



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