Monday, February 14, 2011

wishing u a very happy marriage

Big Misfit's teacher just got married and as a class, we've decided to give angpao (red pocket) and a handmade bag with the children's hand prints on it.  Stupid me took the wrong fabric for the bag!!!  Instead of using white canvas, I used my precious cross stitch fabric I bought in Melbourne!!! I didn't realize it until last night as I was finishing the bag :'( booo hoooo...ow well :).  I heard the teacher was happy, and that makes me happy too ;)...have a blessed and happy marriage, ms! 


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  1. Lia, the bag is stunning. Do not regret the use of the cross stitch fabric, perhaps the bag wouldn't have turned out so well!
    I hope that little misfit git better in the meantime.


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