Thursday, February 10, 2011

activity book

This was my last minute project before I left Melbourne...I know my hubby hates it when I do last minute sewing, instead of packing :p...To my defense, these activity books kept the misfits entertained for quite awhile (then it was the Ipod Touch hahhahhaa).  Emma's book was wrong but she likes it.  I'm just glad they like them...because I used to looooove empty drawing books when I was a kid...and I remember drawing a lot of princess' dresses hehehehe



  1. wow what a convenient idea
    i will definitely make this for my daughters

  2. men... they never get our sudden urge to craft/shop/cook in the strangest times... hehehhe

    looks like you're raising two budding artists there!

  3. aku terpesona sama "si kembar" hihihi... mirip bgt sih adek kakak ;)


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