Friday, July 24, 2009

crafty thursday

My friend and I decided to do a "Crafty Thursday" hahahahaha and we produced this Tree Bag for our daughters :)...Chia Ling made 2, though...being ambitious! :p

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my failed attempt at smocking...

Though I must say I successfully pleated the fabric using my new Amanda Jane Pleater hahahahahahaha...

little pouches

A friend of mine wanted a mobile phone I made these two little pouches :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

emma's new bella

Mommy's gift for your 2nd birthday. Got the cute pattern from an Ozzie artist, Ric Rac.

the rest of my days in Melbourne

Well, between helping my sister move to her new apartment, I had the fortunate chance to venture a few more interesting shops of Melbourne :).

1. Bustle and Bows - I love this shop, it's small, intimate and has lots of embroidery stuff, including smocking equipments, patterns and A-Z book series. The shop keepers were all very nice and helpful. I wish they have more of this type of shop, here in Melbourne. I bought the pattern to a very cute smocking-embroidery dress for my Misfits :).

2. Amitie - I've died...and gone to fabric haven :) at least the one in Melbourne :). They stock a lot of fabric range! Including those exciting Japanese fabrics!! Even more than the one at Addicted to Fabric...mmm or maybe the same? hard to tell...I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE their quilt displays! They make me want to start (I mean..try) quilting again.

3. Ink and Spindle - Oooooo how wonderful it felt when I finally got to see my beautiful fabrics by Lara Cameron. A wonderful person, a talented designer and a groovy studio :). Would definitely be coming over again in the future to pick up more wonderful fabrics :p


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