Friday, October 29, 2010

lil ben's goody bags

Our photographer, Feity, ordered goody bags for her little boy's birthday.  They're almost done...I only need to wrap them in plastic and tie them with pretty ribbons and tag :)...almost there...almost there...
Goody bags for babies - reversible diaper pouch (unisex)

Goody Bags for boys - Applique backpack with a shirt, a tie and assorted snacks
Goody Bags for Girls - Sewmanics' Animal Bags in Red and Green with assorted snacks


fun fun fun @ jicc bazaar

I love bazaars...and I love it even more when I'm a vendor with a friend to share the booth with and other friends who also open their booths at the same bazaar :).  JICC bazaar was a lot of fun...thanks for all of your supports...those who came and chat, those who came and bought and those who came and browsed :) It was fun and having Chia there made it MUCH more fun :)...We shared the booth with Diana of Chasing My Dream ... her Kimono top is DIVINE!!! I forgot to take a picture of the kimono top I bought, but it's similar to the one she's wearing :D.  Chia made the MOST delicious Madeleines (I spelt the Madeleines wrong on the sticker...I know she's very pissed...being the perfectionist she is :p ow well).  I can't wait for our next bazaar...whenever that would be :)...for now, you can shop the Sewmanics collection at ;)

Sewmanics Booth at JICC Bazaar...and Chia's extra delicious madeleines
From top: My neighbor's space..Little Pomme,
Middle: Puri of Ideku Handmade and Bottom: Berries and Dreamesh Living
Top Left: Sewmanics' new boys tie, Top Right: Chasing My Dream's Kimono Top
Bottom: Chia, Me, Diana and Cynthia 
Top Right: Amesh, Evi, Puri, Evi's Son and ME
Bottom: Amesh and the kids


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sewmanics at jicc bazaar

We've been busy preparing for tomorrow's bazaar and goody bags order.  It's been very hectic yet fun :).  I don't think the baby shoes will be ready for tomorrow :( but they sure will be up on the web soon! I've also made two new name cards for Chia and I :D.  It is of course inspired by rifle paper co, one of my favorite paperie out there.  So these cards are my attempts to rifle paper co :).  Sure, I was jealous of Amesh's new cards too :p :)'s the detail for tomorrow...come by if you have time :).  I believe a portion of the entrance fee will proceed to charity.

JICC Christmas Bazaar at Kemang Village.  
28th October 2010 from 10am - 5pm.  
We'll be on the second floor.  
We really hope to see you there tomorrow! :)

Sewmanics' new name cards


Monday, October 25, 2010

joyeux anniversaire, ma belle

another year, another Happy Birthday to my lil misfit :).  Today, she turned 2 years old.  We celebrated it at school with her friends...she was a bit scared and was not too happy :) I guess it's a new experience for her :).  But I hope she'll grow to like it :).  We love you, belle belle :)

I've used up some scraps for the "pocket" and the appliquethe goody bags...

The birthday party at school...


Sunday, October 24, 2010

lil misfit countdown to 2

Tomorrow is li'l misfit's 2nd birthday! So, the helpers and I have been busy...we've been cutting...cutting...cutting and sewing :)...mostly were done by my very talented helpers :D...I really can't handle too many sewing in one week (with the UN Day costumes and all) last night, we finally shopped for the bag's filling...and everyone has been busy helping out :)...I'll post some more pics on her birthday at school and the actual goody bags :).


happy UN day

Last Friday was a UN day celebration at Misfits school.  It was fun and hectic :)...hectic coz I've only finished their costumes at midnight!  But, I guess the costumes turned out A O KAY :D

Big M was wearing a Dutch Lady Costume, I got inspired while googling all the costumes...the hat I just used a trapezoid fabric :D.  Little M was wearing a Jasmine costume from this Japanese costume book and I decided to use Morocco as the country :p hahahhahaa...belly dancer...

Little M cried during the fashion show hahahhaa...I guess because I was there she became extra clingy!

Big M's celebrated it at the school's branch at Miniapolis, Plaza I had to go from one place to another...but she was so very happy enjoying all the games there with her friends :)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

bag swap

Finally finished the bag for bag swap over at Sew Mama Sew and I've handed it over to my Aunt who's leaving to the US next week...the bag should get to my partner faster :)...and it will definitely minimize the risk of being lost during transit :D.

My partner likes flower, so I found this cute japanese floral print that's been lying around my cupboard waiting to be sewn...then, on the reverse, I used a medium weight cheerful stripe fabric I also found while looking for a medium weight fabrics...I hope my partner likes it.  I love this pattern so much and I hope Cindy does too :)


happy kimono

I got this fabric by Hamburger Liebe for Farbenmix and turned it into a kimono PJ...I guess it's not girly enough, Big Misfit refuses to wear this often :(.  I think it's cute!!! I love the print and the fabric :( too bad my loved one does not share the same taste as I do.  I think I might have better luck with little misfit :) (fingers crossed)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

seahorses everywhere

My seahorse had just gained its popularity back, thanks to the talented faberminx.  Here are some of the wonderful seahorses I took from their websites :).  I just love their combinations and least I don't have to sew them! :)  Thank you for sharing!!!

Here is one from an email I received, done by Dave and Tammy...I like how she used felt for the fin and the fin lines look good too :)

Here's the one faberminx did ... I looove the happy and cheerful :)

The talented Franziline made this version of the seahorse...I simply love the seahorse tattoo, though :) hehehehe...cute picture :)
And this is Skemommle's creation...she has a useful tip regarding to the tail's turning procedure :)...It would definitely saves you a lot of headaches!!!  Thank you all very very much for making my day(s) by sharing me your beautiful beautiful creations :)

Note: All pictures were taken by each of the seahorse's maker :)


Monday, October 18, 2010

boos and yays

life...why does it have to keep moving up and down like a wheel :D...right now, I'm probably in one of my bottom lows...personally and professionally.  Today, my sewing machines are officially broken!!!!  The Bernina has been out of function for quite some time now, and since I haven't had the time to go to's been lying on the floor, waiting to be, I've been sewing with my Tajima for this past month or so...and now, that d#$n machine has decided to go broke on me!!!  Took it to the shop and the guy said it could not be fixed today! and plus, it won't be another few days before I could see my machine!!! because they will be closed for the next THREE days!!! arghghghghghghghgh...I know I know...Life shall go and to make matters worst...the helper's sewing machine is also broken (an old singer I let the helper use to sew) yes, I am without sewing machine and my deadline is MOUNTING to an end!!oooo life....

For the yays...well, not that I have a lot :) but my mom WON 1st price in the Crawler category and 2nd price for Swimmer category (don't ask me what they are...clueless here)...She's not back home yet, nor I could find the winning pictures on her facebook :) but I sure am proud of her :).  It is an international competition held by Timor Leste, with a lot of media enter the competition, you need to actually be chosen to join and she was one of the chosen ones :) can read more about the competition here.  I still can't believe it :) but she and a very talented friend, Kay Lim were winners and I think they deserve this acknowledgement for their hard works :).  Congrats once again to the winners!!!

From left to right...Mom and her medals :)...Mom with The President, Dr. Jose Ramos Horta and her price money :D hihihihi


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my chatty miss misfit

My friend BB me today and said:
"Li, Emma lucu deh! Tadi dia nyamperin gua trus bilang:
M: Aunty swim ga hari ini?
C: Ga swim nih
M: Emma swim loh
C: Iya, have fun yah
ehhh...tapi dia masih liatin gua terus, dan akhirnya bilang
M: Emma mau roti coklat juga dong (sambil liatin Emilie yang lagi makan roti)
C: ya udah gua kasih roti, terus dia cerita lagi:
M: Emma kemarin foto2 loh...lama deh
terus ngobrol2 lagi deh..

"Li, Emma was cute! She came to me after school and said:
M: Aunty, are you swimming today?
C: No, I'm not swimming today
M: Emma swims!
C: Yes, have fun!
then she stood there and staring at me and finally said:
M: Emma wants a chocolate bread too (while looking at Emilie who's eating her chocolate bread)
C: So I gave some chocolate bread to her while she continued her small chit chat:
M: Emma had a photo shoot yesterday...
then I believe they had a few more chit chats... Big Misfit is notoriously known at school for lining up after any parents who pick up their children while carrying some sort of snack (be it french fries, pocky, donuts, etc)...then she'd wait...hoping the parent share some to embarrassing hahahahhahahaa....I must tell you...she eats a lot at school! and after school we always bring her extra lunch...which she usually finishes :)....she's so totally different from me...believe me...despite my chattiness...I was very shy and still am *blush*...I love you my li'l chatty girl...thanks for the story, Cynthia :)..another photo taken from the photo shoot yesterday


sewmanics photo shoot

We've finally done a professional photo shoot for Sewmanics.  It was fun under the *thankfully!* sunny skies :)...with lots of sugar high children and balloons...Thanks to the little models who though very tired, were willing to cooperate and their Moms, of course :).  I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did.  Thank you to the talented photographer, Feisty Lesmana.  You've done a wonderful job...I can't imagine doing this myself!!!


tuto @ NOVA tabloid

hihihihihihihi....NOVA contacted me a couple of weeks ago, and asked me if I could do some tutorials.  Astrid wanted a nursing cover and the diaper pouch.  So, I made the nursing cover last week...and this week's edition of NOVA tabloid featured my nursing cover tutorial :).  Thanks Ameshhhhh for recommending me to NOVA :)


Friday, October 8, 2010

tie pouch

Here's another applique idea you might want to incorporate on your goody bag :)


bateau tote

Misfit's friend birthday present was long overdue...Dylan turned 3 on the 6th, I think...but I've only found the time to "wrap" the gift last night...I've decided to make a tote bag for the gift...and since my Bernina is broken...I had to hand embroider the name...which turned out kinda nice :D.  I think I'm looooving the bag...I will certainly be making more of different themes :) I need to start making li'l misfit's goody bags...ooooo it's a never-ending goody bags sewing marathon :(


Thursday, October 7, 2010


was Chia's constant teasing last weekend when we had our painting lesson...LiMonet hahahahahhaa...I thought it was hilarious...well, you see...I was trying to copy one of Monet's water lilies through this Monet by acrylic paint book I just recently bought.  I think I'm not good with a matter of fact, I HATE drawing FLOWERS!!! They're such pain in the hand :p...Chia drew hundreds of sunflowers HAHAHAHAHAHA...but she did a MARVELOUS job!  Her painting has depth...I'll take a picture of it next time I got the chance...or maybe I'll force her to take some photos for me :)


goody goody bags

Fiiuuuhh....we have just finished an order from Chia's friend...goody bags for a six years birthday party...12 little boys and 11 little girls...there you of the main reason why I've been so busy :D...we decided to give half apron for above 5 years old and full body aprons for under 5 years, little whisker, and liaspace blank for the boys...we decided to give them a passport cover, a tie, pencil and liaspace blank cards.  We really hope the kids like them (crossing our fingers)...we're wishing you a very happy birthday, li'l missy Abi.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

amalfi and surrounding

Today has been a matter of fact, this past week has been hectic...but we've finally done with our goody bags order and today I did some tutorials for tabloid Nova (via amesh).  I hope Astrid and Agus enjoyed their time...coz I certainly did a lot of mistakes today and hence they had to wait longer :p...sorry, peeps!  Here are some pics I've been wanting to post...Amalfi and surrounding area.

After Capri, we went to Sorrento on hydrofoil, which took only around 40 minutes...not bad..then on the first day we arrived, we drove the beautiful Amalfi was breathtaking...We rented a small manual car and we had a few little mishaps :p...hehehe...we first went to Positano...a small town by the seashore...there was only one way in and out...and Misfit was we didn't really explore the place.  We then went to Amalfi but couldn't get parking so we decided to go to Ravello, a beautiful small city by the mountain...There was a beautiful villa there with breathtaking view.

On our way back, we managed to get a parking spot at Amalfi and had a beautiful dinner there :).  Oooo I love the Amalfi Coast... A lot...


Friday, October 1, 2010

the things your loved ones would do for you...

I was just playing around with google reader play and came across this food art by a lovely husband for a bed-ridden pregnant wife who needs special diet due to her condition.  Read more on and you can see the food art Gat did for his wife...So sweet and touching...made me teary eyed...I wish you all the best on your pregnancy, Shirley.  She is currently being hospitalized and her baby is due in December..

The pictures were taken from parenting blog and I believe they were taken by Shirley herself. 



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