Friday, October 29, 2010

lil ben's goody bags

Our photographer, Feity, ordered goody bags for her little boy's birthday.  They're almost done...I only need to wrap them in plastic and tie them with pretty ribbons and tag :)...almost there...almost there...
Goody bags for babies - reversible diaper pouch (unisex)

Goody Bags for boys - Applique backpack with a shirt, a tie and assorted snacks
Goody Bags for Girls - Sewmanics' Animal Bags in Red and Green with assorted snacks



  1. mbak lia motif kainnya lucu-lucu amat..ngileeerrr... :)

  2. Lia~~~ I see you hav a new banner :P
    (Sorry I always read your posts in reader so I just realised)

    i see that you hav neckties in those goodies bags - I want to make neckties too :P Do you mind telling me if you used a pattern? i'm making one for an adult tho, is your pattern for kids?

  3. Taro and Hello Panda! What a classic!! Your bags made them extra special! :D

  4. AMAZING! Thank you for your comment toO:)Your works are beautiful!


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