Monday, October 18, 2010

boos and yays

life...why does it have to keep moving up and down like a wheel :D...right now, I'm probably in one of my bottom lows...personally and professionally.  Today, my sewing machines are officially broken!!!!  The Bernina has been out of function for quite some time now, and since I haven't had the time to go to's been lying on the floor, waiting to be, I've been sewing with my Tajima for this past month or so...and now, that d#$n machine has decided to go broke on me!!!  Took it to the shop and the guy said it could not be fixed today! and plus, it won't be another few days before I could see my machine!!! because they will be closed for the next THREE days!!! arghghghghghghghgh...I know I know...Life shall go and to make matters worst...the helper's sewing machine is also broken (an old singer I let the helper use to sew) yes, I am without sewing machine and my deadline is MOUNTING to an end!!oooo life....

For the yays...well, not that I have a lot :) but my mom WON 1st price in the Crawler category and 2nd price for Swimmer category (don't ask me what they are...clueless here)...She's not back home yet, nor I could find the winning pictures on her facebook :) but I sure am proud of her :).  It is an international competition held by Timor Leste, with a lot of media enter the competition, you need to actually be chosen to join and she was one of the chosen ones :) can read more about the competition here.  I still can't believe it :) but she and a very talented friend, Kay Lim were winners and I think they deserve this acknowledgement for their hard works :).  Congrats once again to the winners!!!

From left to right...Mom and her medals :)...Mom with The President, Dr. Jose Ramos Horta and her price money :D hihihihi



  1. wow. so your mom is an acknowledged world class photographer.
    that's amazing!

  2. is that your mom? wow, she looks so young!

  3. mbak lia mamanya cantik bgt,awet muda...congret ya... moga kebahagian mamanya bisa ngobatin sebelnya mbak lia,hehe...


  4. waduh mba, sayang banget mesin jahit pada rusak semua.. saya tau deh rasanya kl si "dia" udh ngambek.. sabar ya mba.. btw, selamat untuk bundanya mba lia ya..


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