Thursday, October 7, 2010


was Chia's constant teasing last weekend when we had our painting lesson...LiMonet hahahahahhaa...I thought it was hilarious...well, you see...I was trying to copy one of Monet's water lilies through this Monet by acrylic paint book I just recently bought.  I think I'm not good with a matter of fact, I HATE drawing FLOWERS!!! They're such pain in the hand :p...Chia drew hundreds of sunflowers HAHAHAHAHAHA...but she did a MARVELOUS job!  Her painting has depth...I'll take a picture of it next time I got the chance...or maybe I'll force her to take some photos for me :)



  1. when do you 2 find the time to do all this?
    As for this painting I like it better than the real one... I never have been really found of Monet. And I really like Limonet's ;-)

  2. Mba lia,saya ada blog awards untuk blog "lia crafty journey". bisa dilihat disini :

    Semoga berkenan. Terima kasih

  3. Oh, my, I wouldn't take on Monet's waterlilies if I were you, needs much much patient in recreating that, but you did a good job!!

  4. hai mbak lia, good job on the paintings :D been a fan of ur blog, tapi silent reader aja hehehe. boleh tau les ngelukisnya dimana? :D thanks in advance ya

  5. Leija, email me...ntar aku kasih contact detail nya :)


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