Friday, October 1, 2010

the things your loved ones would do for you...

I was just playing around with google reader play and came across this food art by a lovely husband for a bed-ridden pregnant wife who needs special diet due to her condition.  Read more on and you can see the food art Gat did for his wife...So sweet and touching...made me teary eyed...I wish you all the best on your pregnancy, Shirley.  She is currently being hospitalized and her baby is due in December..

The pictures were taken from parenting blog and I believe they were taken by Shirley herself. 


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  1. I have four children and I remember the subtle anxiety till they were born and I knew that everything was fine. I also remember having 'problems', lying in bed, but nobody thought of presenting me with such beautiful eadible creations!
    I hope all goes well for this Mum-to-be and her child.


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