Thursday, October 7, 2010

goody goody bags

Fiiuuuhh....we have just finished an order from Chia's friend...goody bags for a six years birthday party...12 little boys and 11 little girls...there you of the main reason why I've been so busy :D...we decided to give half apron for above 5 years old and full body aprons for under 5 years, little whisker, and liaspace blank for the boys...we decided to give them a passport cover, a tie, pencil and liaspace blank cards.  We really hope the kids like them (crossing our fingers)...we're wishing you a very happy birthday, li'l missy Abi.



  1. aaaaa apronnya lucuuuu! aku ingin anak perempuaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  2. hi m'lia, met kenal ya nama saya lia jg, really love your craft project so excellent, pilihan corak bahan jg okeh hehehe


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