Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sewmanics photo shoot

We've finally done a professional photo shoot for Sewmanics.  It was fun under the *thankfully!* sunny skies :)...with lots of sugar high children and balloons...Thanks to the little models who though very tired, were willing to cooperate and their Moms, of course :).  I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did.  Thank you to the talented photographer, Feisty Lesmana.  You've done a wonderful job...I can't imagine doing this myself!!!



  1. wow, kayak photo shoot selevel GAP kids gitu hehehe keweeeennnnn XD

  2. Those photos are indeed amazing! So are the clothes you created both. It is beautiful work!

  3. speechless..
    pokoke keren :D
    congrats for lia & sewmaniacs

  4. Just beautiful! I am in love with the little dresses...oh and those little boy die for! Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

  5. Gorgeous!! :)


  6. Very pretty and professional photos, well done!

  7. hai Lia ... fotonya keren banget deeeh. Nice to meet you yaaa kemaren... walaupun hanya sebentar ditambah gw dalam kondisi grogi .. hihi ... next time kita ngobral ngobrol lagiii ... (^-^)

  8. Lia, congratulations. it's been a while since i catch up with you. My google reader has so many posts and I just managed to get down to this post from a long ago :) you are doing well and the photography is definitely very awesome. all the best with this endeavor ya


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