Thursday, October 21, 2010

bag swap

Finally finished the bag for bag swap over at Sew Mama Sew and I've handed it over to my Aunt who's leaving to the US next week...the bag should get to my partner faster :)...and it will definitely minimize the risk of being lost during transit :D.

My partner likes flower, so I found this cute japanese floral print that's been lying around my cupboard waiting to be sewn...then, on the reverse, I used a medium weight cheerful stripe fabric I also found while looking for a medium weight fabrics...I hope my partner likes it.  I love this pattern so much and I hope Cindy does too :)



  1. aku ga ikutan daftar bag swap itu akhir bulan kemarin, hiks hiks hiks

    tasnya bagus Lia, pasti Cindy suka deh

    anyhow,kalo sempat mampir ke blogku ya
    I'm celebrating something and giving away some delicacies :)


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