Saturday, March 24, 2012

diaper pouch sets

for 3 dragon babies :).  I guess there will be a big baby boom this year.  Congrats to the new parents and happy sleepless nights.

diaper pouch sets for 3 baby dragons


and the seaside home winner is....

number 39 :) (out of a total of 48 participants).  Congrats to Annisa Pratiwi, I'll be contacting you soon :).

the paper that jumped out of the bowl


Thursday, March 15, 2012

hello kitty pancakes and donut holes

Remember my post on making butter and buttermilk??  Well, I finished up the rest of the buttermilk  last week and made these buttermilk pancakes for the kiddos...I bought the small hello kitty pan from Gandaria City's Metro Dept. Store.  It was a bit hard flipping it, but I finally mastered it using an extra small frying pan.  Then a few days after the pancakes, I tried making these fried donut holes...I got the recipe from my favorite youtube channel...cookingwithdog :D.  I really think it tastes like Indonesia's kue cubit :D...I shouldn't make too many of these, really...


a book and a giveaway

It is finally out!  I was sitting on my table and I saw this strage package...and I wasn't expecting any :D...then I got excited....and yes...the Book is out! Seaside Home is finally out!  Yay yay yay...I've been waiting for a year for this book :D and I am truly HAPPY....I got 2 copies, since I haven't got the time to order extras and I'm giving away 1 book to my beloved readers :).  I love the projects in this book, done by so many talented crafters...and I certainly am proud to be given this, thank you Susanne, for including me in this.  

Now, to win this book, simply leave a comment saying what animal do you like for 2012 and why.  Don't forget to leave your email address!!!  I'll close this competition on Friday, 23rd of March 2012.

Seaside Home


Thursday, March 8, 2012

penguins invasion

Last minute, Josie ordered penguin pouches for her son's first birthday...sorry, Jos...I didn't have time to make any other things...not even the penguin applique type of pouches....luckily I bought some penguin patterned fabric before...I was planning on making matching pyjamas for me and my man :).  I did manage to make a special drawstring for Ethan...a birthday gift from us to the little guy.  I hope the party is going to be a blast!

Penguin tags, penguin pouch for Ethan
The little Penguin and the penguin patterned drawstring bags


Friday, March 2, 2012

misfits in painting

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered these wonderful surprises from Amalia...I know she's really talented and I've been admiring her drawings :) through her wonderful blog...I love love love how these turned out...Thanks, Li! You are very talented indeed :D.

The package
Little M and Big M (who loooooves dogs)+cookie



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