Friday, April 30, 2010

trial 1: failure

hahahahahhaa I must say I'm having so much fun with my dad!  On the chemical, it says to leave the screen exposed to the sun for 2 we did just that....and it was a total failure...upon further inquiry, we're suppose to expose it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute....I'm here I am...writing this, while I'm waiting for the result of my second trial :D...wish me luck

the reason i love japanese magazines

my close friends would know I'd spend considerable amount of time at Kinokuniya bookstore at Plaza Senayan :p...last night, I didn't know what else to look...then I peeked at a section I don't usually look.  I found Spoon inspiration...from're in my list :)

it's a bright sunny day with a hint of cupcake shoes after the rain

I would like to thank you all for cheering me up yesterday :).  I truly appreciate each and every comment and encouragement...I am touched :).  And yes, I've emailed the shop but no reply yet.  But I'm not going to let this get me down.  As a matter of fact...I had so much fun yesterday...I got a pair of cupcake knickers from a shop in Kemang :).

Thursday, April 29, 2010

a discouragement

today, I received an email from one of my reader...She was asking me if I was the one teaching a scaley pouch class in a quilt shop in Portland.  Naturally, I was I am, in Jakarta....miles away from Portland, OR.  After further emails, I discovered this quilt shop's website.  My initial reaction might be something loosely based on my scaley pouch tutorial...but upon downloading its spring summer pdf catalog, the pouch is awfully familiar.  It is for a class they're offering there.  As I've written on all of my patterns, I don't mind people using them for personal and commercial use.  All I ask is for you to acknowledge my work.  It is free, and it brightens my day when people are happy with the patterns, and even make money from them.  Here's the picture from the catalog found at a common thread

and here is my scaley pouch

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

screen frames!!

Finally...the screen printing frames are done and the mesh have been tacked in place :).  All that's left to do is burning the designs into the screen :) times like this...I'm glad I have a furniture factory hahahaha

mr. cookie

cookie is our annoyingly cute little "brother", a dachshund who loves to eat, play and bite my misfits :p

Monday, April 26, 2010

gocco supplies

thank you, Fei!!! For bringing these to Jakarta for me :D...and sorry...I didn't realize the package was so big...I should've brought these home myself... :D...but then...I'd be overweight and wouldn't be able to buy those books (oooooo the lowdown of a low cost airfare)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

tutorial: reusable fabric gift wrap

I thought of making this very fast and useful fabric gift wrap instead of using my usual string pouch :).  It is similar to my pacifier pouch without the velcro.

You can click the image below for a full view :), or, if you have a wide screen, you'll be able to see it all

Saturday, April 24, 2010

my patchwork batik blanket

here's a peak at my new treasure I found at the batik show :).  I think the batiks are vintage and the materials are nice and batting...perfect for Jakarta's scorching hot weather :).  I saw a similar thing in Japan at the liberty fabric store and it was so costly :D (it is after all from Indonesia hehehe)

books shopping

just got back from a very short trip to Singapore.  I was supposed to do my lasik...but you see...people have been asking me what my prescriptions are...and ehmm...they're only -1.00 and ummm -1.50 and people would laugh .... so, at the last minute I bailed out...I first bailed out because my misfits were sick this week and in the midst of panic, I cancelled everything...and when I did my eyes check, one of the eye examiner told me I won't profit much...because my eyes aren't that bad :p...

so, instead...I went and accompanied my sister in law who did her lasik and shopped me some beautiful happy :D

a new winner

unfortunately, one of my winner, Krista Rao did not respond to my comment on her blog :(.  So, I have to choose a new one :).  Here's the new winner

CORRECTION: Krista did email me after all!  In the midst of traveling and changing my phone's SIM card, I didn't get her email through my blackberry...and I only checked my email online...sorry Krista!  But it's okay :) I'll send 4 winners instead of 3, then :D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my creative space

I have a bunch of things I need to get's one of them...a clutch bag for my cousin, Mimi...I still need to figure out the model of the clutch bag...any ideas??

I also need to make these into screen printing...I have 9 other patterns I am yet to make as well.  Still waiting for the factory to make the wooden frame, then my Dad will transfer the drawings to the mesh (I'm amazed my Dad is a multi talented proud)

Then...I have to show you my other handwoven fabric I bought at the Batik fair...pretty, isn't it?

my second sale

ha! I got a second sale! hahahaha so happy :D...Naomi ordered some of my buttons too :D.  I'm happy...

and the gocco cards winners are....

My other half was seriously into his role :p...I was going to ask the misfits to pick the winners, but my parents came and kidnapped them :D...and here are the winners!  I'll be emailing you all soon :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

a batik fair

Good thing I went to the batik show on saturday...I found this set of beautiful yellow/pink/blue hand drawn batik (batik tulis), drawn on a silk piece of hand woven fabric!  Then, as I wondered around, I found these two marvelous hand woven silk batiks....they're so exquisite...I just got to take them both am quite broke...and trying to justify my impulse buys but I'm content :) knowing that one day...these will be our little family heirlooms...

Friday, April 16, 2010

featureistic :) friday

ahhhhh...thanks Irene, for featuring me at your beautiful blog...a blog where I look for inspiration and stalk days and nights...never would I think my blog would be worth featuring there...I am overwhelmed with joys :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

my first sale

well, I wasn't really planning on selling...but then the other day, Amesh messaged me and asked whether I was willing to sell her some of my covered buttons...I never thought of selling them before because they don't cost a lot and shipment would be ridiculously expensive if I have to sell them overseas :).  But...for Amesh who lives in Jakarta...sure!

a quick giveaway

I wanna giveaway some of my gocco cards to 3 lucky, just leave your comment before the 20th of April :) and I'll draw a winner on the 21st.  Hurry! :) and help me spread the news ;). PS: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE YOUR EMAIL OR A LINK TO YOUR EMAIL

some more prints

featureistic :)

I'm H A P P Y when I get up in the morning and reading all of my wonderful comments and on some lucky occasions, I would get an email from Anne of craftgossip or from Kathreen of whipup and this morning, I got an email from Polly Conway of Read Made scrappy zippered pouch!  It's a cool new magazine...Happiness is...being appreciated for something I've made :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

booties and bibs

I used the pattern from stardust shoes and changed the method a bit so that my shoes don't show any stitched raw edges :)

tutorial: baby's bibs

I decided to make some baby bibs for my friend's baby...and it was so much fun...because it was easy, fast and I love bibs :D....Here is the link to the pattern and here goes the little instruction :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

up up and away...

on a lazy Saturday afternoon...little old me decided to stamp away these cards with lots of gocco love :) my little supply is diminishing.... :(


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