Friday, April 30, 2010

trial 1: failure

hahahahahhaa I must say I'm having so much fun with my dad!  On the chemical, it says to leave the screen exposed to the sun for 2 we did just that....and it was a total failure...upon further inquiry, we're suppose to expose it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute....I'm here I am...writing this, while I'm waiting for the result of my second trial :D...wish me luck


  1. I can't wait to know/see more! what a cute design!

  2. lucu banget. kain batik2nya bagus bagnet :( batik shownya kapan aja.

  3. Wait wait wait..


    I just saw the same fabric, but in navy blue, worn by a girl yesterday. It was a jumpsuit and I'm dying to ask where she bought that jumpsuit and I wasn't dare enough to come up to her. I'm sure it was the same fabric, I can't forget that rabbits and horses!

  4. Hai Lia,
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