Friday, April 2, 2010

a very good friday indeed

After church and a little lunch with my in laws, I got to try my new screen print!!!!! YAY!!! It was quite fun and not as hard as I thought it would be :D.  I put too much of the blue pigment, hence the darkish bluish clouds :( and the last cloud don't get any eyes...the umbrella lost their boning, but nevertheless, I've learned a few lessons here and there and glad it came out okay.  Setting the second part was harder because there was warping on the wood time I'll definitely mark where I should put the second screen against the first :).


  1. mbakkk lia.. akhirnya nyoba sablon beneran...
    walopun mbak lia bilang ga susah..tetep aja aku masih bingung caranya..hehehe...
    :HAPPY EASTER mbak lia n fam:

  2. lia- that is so cute!!!
    it sounds like a perfect friday and defenatly looks perfect!!!

  3. wah kewl...emang enaknya kalo mau pake lebih dari 1 warna, mending ditandain mba, biar lebih akurat..

  4. kreatip dan rajin bener sih kamu neng :">

  5. mbak liaa....aku nemu blog ini di dari link blog sibebo.
    Gimana caranya nyablon kayak gitu?? ajarin donk mbak? ;)

  6. >clapping hands< once again.
    beautiful print work. some questions:
    did you make the screen print tools yourself? i've always toyed with the idea of screen printing but haven't any idea where to start...

  7. wahhhh aku suka banget sama motif awan hujan dan payungnya... itu catnya pakai pigment atau rubber? btw dimana ya tempat dapetin acrylic waterbase buat sablon? di jakarta ada yang jual ga ya?


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