Thursday, April 1, 2010

gocco madness

well, not exactly madness :) but I've finally tried it! YES! My 1 year and 5 months old gocco print equipment :)...didn't realize it was SO EASY and fun :) and I've been playing with corel draw as well and it sure is a very interesting program.  My first gocco master didn't turn out well, blame it on the copier machine at the office :)...nevertheless, I'm quite satisfied...


  1. Those are so cute!! ^_^
    I want to try making my own cards too, but i dun have a gocco><
    I need to use other methods.. hmmm. somehow..

    so, did you just print on normal drawing pads paper? or did u buy special card stock for it?

  2. cute mbak...
    setiap hari selalu nyoba hal2 baru...
    keep the good work :)

  3. >clapping hands< wow!
    btw, i'm also loving your it bag. especially the pockets feature. :)

  4. wah seru juga nih, kudu dicoba...

  5. absolutely cute! and if I had a gocco, I think I would have been intimidated for over a year too

  6. Lovely lovely lovely! How did you manage to get your Gocco? Is it easy to use?

  7. ini lucu bangeeeet! u have to tell me how to do it next time we meet :)

  8. yep, the gocco was fairly easy...the only problem is this little nifty thing is no longer in production...hence the supplies are dwindling day, I will not be able to use it anymore :(


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