Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my creative space

I have a bunch of things I need to get done...here's one of them...a clutch bag for my cousin, Mimi...I still need to figure out the model of the clutch bag...any ideas??

I also need to make these into screen printing...I have 9 other patterns I am yet to make as well.  Still waiting for the factory to make the wooden frame, then my Dad will transfer the drawings to the mesh (I'm amazed my Dad is a multi talented man...so proud)

Then...I have to show you my other handwoven fabric I bought at the Batik fair...pretty, isn't it?


  1. morning Lia :)

    your dad sound's ace a many of many talent's indeed!!! i have these book's out the library at the mo they are great for ideas and patterns


    the first link has a look inside option but not on the second you may need to look it up!!!

    good luck!!!!

  2. that fabric i s beautiful!! what are you going to make with it?

  3. cakeepp ... ayo mau dibikin apa ... ? heeehhhee

  4. hi Lia! i tried making your scaley pouch. oh man, I failed! :D

  5. Can't wait to see those patterns screen printed, how much fun!! Love Posie

  6. ayo selesaikan mbak...pasti cute hasilnya.... (seperti biasaaa...)

  7. are u going to make scale-clutch? just tried to figuring out. haha...nice DIY u got here!
    i'll link u back! :D
    and oh....r u making ur own pattern? all that i know is i had to print-making them manually, i wish i have my own fabric printer or something like that if they were exist.


  8. wauw! nice blog! you give me lots of inspiration, i will 'try' to follow you :) greets from Europe

  9. youre going to me something with that yellow batik fabric as a graduation gift. right?

  10. Just received your package! Thank you so much, I think I wet my pants in joy (not a really good example for my toilet training toddler, but.. sssshh!)

    check out my latest post, it's a surprise for you.

  11. hi, lia...mau nanya dong...kainnya bagus2...lia biasanya belanja kain di mana y? tq

  12. I love you work and love the smile in your kids face all the time!
    Wish I could have that life :)
    if you love so much fabric like me, you want that people from around the world bring you fabric.
    If one day you want from Portugal you have already a contact :)
    Filipa from Portugal :)


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