Thursday, April 8, 2010

doily and friends

I love doilies and you all probably knows my infatuation with doilies...So, I tried making a simple time I'll try a more elaborate one :)...for now, this will do


  1. doilies, doilies, lovely doilies... I used the second one you sent me... on a wallet matching my linen bag! Thank you soooooo much again! And I started crochet too. I have been making granny squares quite frenatically for 2 days now ;-))

  2. Hi Lia,

    I totally like your illustrations, but how did you reproduce them? in a copy shop? or at home?

    They look great, especially the one with the two little figures!


  3. Lia, love love your new toy, you are inspiring me to get one too (I should not). Did you draw the pic yourself? where did you buy the gocco machine? (do you call it machine or device?)

  4. I do like your doilies, but the happy clouds are by far my favorite! Great job!


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