Saturday, April 24, 2010

books shopping

just got back from a very short trip to Singapore.  I was supposed to do my lasik...but you see...people have been asking me what my prescriptions are...and ehmm...they're only -1.00 and ummm -1.50 and people would laugh .... so, at the last minute I bailed out...I first bailed out because my misfits were sick this week and in the midst of panic, I cancelled everything...and when I did my eyes check, one of the eye examiner told me I won't profit much...because my eyes aren't that bad :p...

so, instead...I went and accompanied my sister in law who did her lasik and shopped me some beautiful happy :D


  1. Look at all those yummy books!!!

    I had Lasik, but my eyes were REEEEALLY bad, -8.5 and -8.75.

  2. wow you did treat yourself!!! nice books!

  3. jealous with the burda style book...huhu...

  4. i knooooow rite, -1.00 and -1.5 tsk tsk.. :P

  5. It looks like you hit the jackpot!!!!! It looks like book heaven!

  6. waaoooo .... suka semuaaa ... ditunggu hasil karya loe berikutnya ... (^-^)

  7. hello,
    iam from germany and i just discovered your blog (about bloessom:-)) so funny, i have the same burda style... have you done something so far?
    best wishes from around the world


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