Thursday, December 30, 2010

so long's been fun

I'm looking forward to the new year...wishing it would be a better year for everyone :).  What will you be doing on New Year's Eve???  

Something I forgot to post...The Misfits had Christmas Carnival and their teachers called me for a little help on their costumes.  I made the costumes for lil misfit's was so very easy and simple :)...I used synthetic I just cut the material without having to close the edges, since there are no frayed edges :D hehehehe...Since I bought too much fabric for lil M's class, We've decided to use the left overs for Big M's Class...I helped the Moms with the boys' outfit...then the talented Moms of class N2C made all the accessories :)...including the shoes!!! :D...All I had left to do was making a warrior costume for my misfit and her friend...voila...2 female warriors and stripey cape (which you can't see here) :D.  Sadly, I was in Singapore during the performance...and my hubby took some very bad shots ... so I stole my friend's photos :D

Big M's Class...."Warrior" Theme...Photo taken by Dylan's Mom

Lil M's Class....I'm not sure what their theme is :D...probably jungle??

Big M and her Ballet Class


a funny blog

I came across an excellent blog...called stuff no one told me.  It's hilariously funny and so true :)...I love the words of wisdoms conveyed on the drawings :)...Here are some I love the most :D

I think this is so me :D....I LOVE this one :D

This is just so sweet :D

This one made me reminds me of some of
my "tough" looking friends :D

This one is funny :D...I should've played dumb and innocent
when the cop caught me :p


Monday, December 27, 2010

a very merry christmas :)

I'm just showcasing MY presents :D...I got some pretty things this year! :)....Quite excited.  I don't really get "personal" presents anymore...until this year hehehehe....

Thanks to my youngest sister...3 very thoughtful gifts
from her...TRU BLOOD DRINK!!! How could I not be excited :D

The gift I won from Cecillia Hidayat's blog!! They're soooo
beautiful!!! even the envelope is pretty!

I did a gift swap with Puri :D...isn't that pouch just
pretty, christmasey and cute!!!??!! :D I love it!!! Thanks Pur!

Last but not least, of course!  Kiki gave me delicious chocco
cookies and baker's twine!!! ARGHGHGH happiness :)..thanks ki!


Monday, December 20, 2010

baby bag: take 2

I thought I was never going to make another baby bag :)...but I got another order that was hard to refuse, since she's a really sweet friend of mine ;).  However, this second time around wasn't as bad and it was actually quite fun :).  It's for a new baby girl :).  I've tried taking some pics of the many steps, but there are just waaaay too many steps and somewhere in the middle of making it I've lost track...and sewing pvc fabric is not exactly "fun" too...I hate sewing pvc/plastic fabrics...they're soooo hard!  But alas, it is done and I am satisfied ;).


Sunday, December 19, 2010

:D :D grin grin grin big grin :D

I just checked my and I saw the activity jumped to 53 and yet my project was not featured on the "Featured Projects", was on the BIG main slides :D so very happy...happy happy happy...Thanks Burda! :D


thank you

for making sure I stay fat....that's Diana who gave me a big yummy lasagna (you can call her to order, at: 08179878460) and Mimi, my cousin of cookienary who sent me a scrumptiously fattening quiche with super delicious yummy almond biscotti (yes, only 2.5 pieces left :'( hix..)...Then, my super nice sister in law (hubby's youngest sister) just got back from my most favorite place in the whole wide world...she bought me 3 yes...THREE pieces of marimekko fabrics!!!!! arghghghghg they're to die for :) and a box of sponge cake...and, to make my week super happy...I got an email yesterday from the talented Cecilia Hidayat...yes, the artist :)...I won her giveaway!!!! YAYYYY...I love those beautiful drawings of hers...I'm content...

the giveaway I won (one of them) heheheheehe
picture from cecilia hidayat's blog
super delicious lasagna from Diana's "my mama's kitchen" :)
super yummy quiche and 2.5 pieces of biscotti left :'(
my marimekko fabrics!!! yay...yay yay yay :D


christmas is almost here...

and we're almost finished with the orders :)...just some extra orders left and the stripey fabric is finished :D...juuust enough for all the Christmas orders :)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my wonder bread maker

After much thinking....weighing all the pros and cons...on where to buy it...I've finally bought my own bread maker machine!!! I bought the same one as Chia's zojirushi...simply because it's compact, it looks sturdy and it's a zojirushi :).  Although, kenmore's bread maker is also good...but it's a tad bit too big :).  I bought this in Singapore's CK was considerably cheaper than Takashimaya's (whose price is approximately the same as Jakarta's SOGO and Metro).  I'm so happy with it!!! The bread is absolutely wonderful...I looove raisin bread :)...the kids LOVE the bread so I am one very happy Mom and customer :D and it is ridiculously easy and simple!!! just put all the ingredients in and you're done after 2-3 hours, depending on the setting.  I  L O V E E E E E E  I T


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tutorial: multi reversible cape

It's not an original idea.  I've seen this in a japanese book somewhere, I remembered it was simple and easy and since I had to do a Christmas gift swap last week, I thought of making this for my partner.  It was a big hit and everybody wants one now :).  My talented cousin came over to drop off my Christmas cakes order and she requested one for herself.  And in return, she modeled for me :D.  This year, Misfits' teachers also got this as a Christmas present :) but I forgot to take pictures.  You can wear this many ways!  For more variations, add more buttons :).  See picture and link below for the tutorial.

NOTE: Some of the readers asked me about the sizing for this.  I've realized my cousin is super skinny :), so if you're like might not be able to do the cross over style, unless you make the fabric a little longer and wider.  It is best if you try draping the fabric on yourself.  You can always add more buttons to make more can also add buttons along the horizontal length of the fabric as well :) would give more variations.

You can even use it for a scarf ;)

This one was for the Christmas gift wrap

Mimi modeling for me :)...she wasn't trying to pout and looked sexy
It was me taking the picture at that moment hehehe

Alternatively, you can download the pdf file here

the tree is finally up

and Christmas Eve is 10 days away from today :)...I'm quite surprised the kids can patiently wait opening their pressies...even I can't wait to open them :).  They were sooooo happy decorating the tree.  I love decorating Christmas Tree as well...each year we would decorate it as a family with Christmas songs playing in the background.  This year is truly special, because Big M and Li'l M can finally enjoy and participated decorating the tree.


mothers gone wild....

We had a BLAST last weekend.  My friend Chia threw a birthday party in and 10 other gals had sooooo much fun.  On the first night, we ate at this really nice restaurant called Ember at Hotel 1929, but I didn't take any pictures, since there was a photographer with us :).  The second day was spent at a nice restaurant called White Rabbit....we had a nice brunch there :).  Dinner was at a Spanish restaurant and we spent a few minutes at ku de ta...we were disappointed by the horrible service, so we ended up leaving the place, since our drinks took way too long to come.  We then surprised the birthday girl with mmm what might be a G Cup boobies ;).  Happy Birthday, Chia! Thanks for inviting me over :) It was FUN and memorable :)

Brunch at White Rabbit each person got a goody bag consisted of personalized
face blank cards and tags.

Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU....happy birthday to youuuu...happy birthday....happy birthday

Chia and her luscious G CUP

The gals minus 2 people :(


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a merry wedding getaway

We just got back from Singapore for my High School friend's wedding.  The ever so talented Mary-Anne Fernando.  My high-achiever friend :) who cried during her English oral exam (because she was so into her writing) and hence made us shed a tear too :)...who used to correct my grammars (my good friend Deepa was my main grammar corrector)...whose parents used to "pick us up" from the boarding house...hence enabling us to runaway on the weekends :D...and of course, her dad's chicken curry and cheese cake were to die for :).  Their Singapore wedding was the 3rd wedding ceremony! yep :)...She had one main one in Melbourne, which I couldn't attend...then they also had one in Malaysia (her husband is Malaysian) and last but not least was her Singaporean wedding.  It was definitely a fun wedding...with lots and lots of good foods :).  Catherine, Francis and I definitely enjoyed the feast and company.  Happy Wedding to you, my dear!!  Cath and I were mesmerizing our school days...would be great if we have a little reunion...oooo how I wish :).  We're wishing you all the happiness as a couple ;).

On another we were chatting, hubby and I just realized that it was our wedding anniversary too!!! ooopppsss....Happy mmmmm 6th year anniversary to us :D...It's been a joyride spending the past six years with you....and I definitely don't mind spending the rest with you and the misfits :) muach muach hugs and kisses.

Mary-Anne danced to the funky Indian song :).  ENCORE
The "hairdresser" and her creations ;) THANK YOU, AGNES! :D

Top: The gifts.  Bottom: Cath, Me, Mrs. Fernando, Mr. Fernando,
Mary-Anne and Charles

I must say...I was very impressed, Mar :D


and the winners for the gocco cards are...

Nikka said...

I love how star anise looks. :)

mattilainen said...

I'm crazy about badgers... and they don't seem to be very popular among crafters. Such a shame!

through random generator :).  I hope they have their emails.  I shall try emailing them.  Congrats!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas

It's the 1st of December and Christmas is 24 days away :).  My most favorite holiday season of the year :).  And yet, I haven't even put up the Christmas tree yet.  I need to borrow Mom's tree from her garden.  We were finally done with one of the Christmas order (one more to go).  I love how these simple tags turned out :) and the Orange PJ from the first Christmas order turned out festive as well :).  I love it when a job is done :).

Christmas Tags using Silhouette SD

Sewmanics Orange Custom PJ



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