Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a merry wedding getaway

We just got back from Singapore for my High School friend's wedding.  The ever so talented Mary-Anne Fernando.  My high-achiever friend :) who cried during her English oral exam (because she was so into her writing) and hence made us shed a tear too :)...who used to correct my grammars (my good friend Deepa was my main grammar corrector)...whose parents used to "pick us up" from the boarding house...hence enabling us to runaway on the weekends :D...and of course, her dad's chicken curry and cheese cake were to die for :).  Their Singapore wedding was the 3rd wedding ceremony! yep :)...She had one main one in Melbourne, which I couldn't attend...then they also had one in Malaysia (her husband is Malaysian) and last but not least was her Singaporean wedding.  It was definitely a fun wedding...with lots and lots of good foods :).  Catherine, Francis and I definitely enjoyed the feast and company.  Happy Wedding to you, my dear!!  Cath and I were mesmerizing our school days...would be great if we have a little reunion...oooo how I wish :).  We're wishing you all the happiness as a couple ;).

On another we were chatting, hubby and I just realized that it was our wedding anniversary too!!! ooopppsss....Happy mmmmm 6th year anniversary to us :D...It's been a joyride spending the past six years with you....and I definitely don't mind spending the rest with you and the misfits :) muach muach hugs and kisses.

Mary-Anne danced to the funky Indian song :).  ENCORE
The "hairdresser" and her creations ;) THANK YOU, AGNES! :D

Top: The gifts.  Bottom: Cath, Me, Mrs. Fernando, Mr. Fernando,
Mary-Anne and Charles

I must say...I was very impressed, Mar :D


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