Sunday, December 19, 2010

thank you

for making sure I stay fat....that's Diana who gave me a big yummy lasagna (you can call her to order, at: 08179878460) and Mimi, my cousin of cookienary who sent me a scrumptiously fattening quiche with super delicious yummy almond biscotti (yes, only 2.5 pieces left :'( hix..)...Then, my super nice sister in law (hubby's youngest sister) just got back from my most favorite place in the whole wide world...she bought me 3 yes...THREE pieces of marimekko fabrics!!!!! arghghghghg they're to die for :) and a box of sponge cake...and, to make my week super happy...I got an email yesterday from the talented Cecilia Hidayat...yes, the artist :)...I won her giveaway!!!! YAYYYY...I love those beautiful drawings of hers...I'm content...

the giveaway I won (one of them) heheheheehe
picture from cecilia hidayat's blog
super delicious lasagna from Diana's "my mama's kitchen" :)
super yummy quiche and 2.5 pieces of biscotti left :'(
my marimekko fabrics!!! yay...yay yay yay :D


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  1. Lia...You made me very hungry right now. Salam kenal ya..
    Love, Dina @


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