Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my wonder bread maker

After much thinking....weighing all the pros and cons...on where to buy it...I've finally bought my own bread maker machine!!! I bought the same one as Chia's zojirushi...simply because it's compact, it looks sturdy and it's a zojirushi :).  Although, kenmore's bread maker is also good...but it's a tad bit too big :).  I bought this in Singapore's CK was considerably cheaper than Takashimaya's (whose price is approximately the same as Jakarta's SOGO and Metro).  I'm so happy with it!!! The bread is absolutely wonderful...I looove raisin bread :)...the kids LOVE the bread so I am one very happy Mom and customer :D and it is ridiculously easy and simple!!! just put all the ingredients in and you're done after 2-3 hours, depending on the setting.  I  L O V E E E E E E  I T



  1. :) thanks for sharing. a bread maker has been in my mind! i'm going to forward this post to dear husband.

  2. You will LOVE your Zojirushi! My husband bought me the one that makes the horizontal loaf a few years back and it's AWESOME! This one replaced another that I had and didn't like much. The Zojirushi is excellent. Enjoy.

  3. Great brand. So jealous with you right now, he..he.. Can't wait to see more posting about your homemade breads..
    Love, Dina @


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