Thursday, May 24, 2012

a big boy's birthday

Before I left Bali, a rush order was an order from a friend whose son is turning 7 and he does not want little children's theme goodies.  The mom likes my house pouch but asked for an owl applique and since she likes Toriq's applique, the boys got the tools kit :).  Happy Birthday, big boy!  Wishing you all the best :) and I love how these turned out


a beautiful wedding in paradise

It has always been my dream to be married in Bali...alas, it was only a dream :) but my beautiful sister in law got to realize her Balinese wedding and it was a very wonderful event.  I'd say she's the most un-bridezilla bride I've known...the most relaxed bride who took it easy when things don't always go as planned...such as the rain that made a grand entrance on her wedding decor!...your brother and I wish you a wonderful and happy marriage.  I love weddings with tear-jerker moments and it's always hard to let go of your little sister...who's been the baby in your eyes, but I know they're happy and that's all that matters :)...I have one more sister to go :) and I don't think I'm ready to let go of my youngest one just yet :).

Sewmanics made her wedding favors...they're yellow striped and blue flowers pouches but I didn't take any pictures of them due to the rain.  This was the other favor some of the out of towners received.  I have to admit we sewed the red pouches wrong! the inside was supposed to be for the it was actually inside out :'( it's supposed to be plain navy blue canvas...but it was too close to the wedding date and there's nothing we can do...sorry, Pat!

White and Blue tote bag by sewmanics
The children loved Bali as usual...they had so much fun playing with their cousins but too bad the little misfits came home with HFMD :(.  More days off from school!
The Misfits and their cousins
Some of the wedding pictures done by the talented Mono and yes, I stole these
from their facebook site :)



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