Saturday, August 20, 2011

apples for a newborn

Finally finished this last night!  These will go to my sister's friend who just had a baby girl in Australia...hoping baby Vera and her Mum will like them :)


birthday pjs are done!

Fiuhhh...sewmanics is officially closed for holiday :D....As always, before the holiday, orders usually peak!  We're glad we've finished some urgent and last minute orders....mostly draw string bags :) we even participate at a local bazaar by LOKKA at Grand Indonesia's West Mall 5th Floor Mini Anchor, be sure to visit, since today is the last day :).  These are some PJs for our friend's little boy's birthday goody bags...I love love love how they turn out :D.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

bali = haven and haven = bali

I sneaked a little holiday in the beginning of this month, since my youngest sister has been nagging us to go to the Island of the Gods :).  It was a short but fun trip...with two of my aunties, and her grandsons.  Misfits were overjoyed...Big M loooves her Koko Nicholas...she followed him everywhere....even rebellious at times...they fought, they played, they had fun....I was happy :).  The hubby stayed was basically an all girls trip (with the exception of my nephews hehehe).


tutorial: diaper pouch

I've been wanting to do this but I've been too busy and lazy :).  So, alas! here goes...(it's about time...I know....).  Let me know if the link is broken or you need to ask a few questions about it.  Good luck!  Here is the link to diaper pouch


a glimpse of my sister's wedding

Steph had been asking me all the little things for her wedding (headache)...such as these beautiful flower clips for her, her bridesmaid and the flower girls (the misfits) by sibebo (thanks, Nel!!! They're beyond my expectations)....then Sewmanics did her screen printed tote bags (for out of towners), screen printed draw string pouches...her sash!!!!....and I have bow ties left to do!!! *fiuuuh*...her beautiful red cheongsam was done...I can't wait for the's going to be in Duluth, MN (yeah...some Kampung about 3 hours away from Minneapolis...sigh...).


little sofa

I've been wanting to order little sofas from Dreamesh :D....but you all know how small my apartment is...but, I couldn't help it anymore and bought 2! (the other one was a present for Misfit from tante Amesh). Aren't they just pretty?!!!!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

color of life by diana

My friend, Diana....won a partial scholarship in Italy, but she decide to turn it down....We both went to Lasalle's classes together and she's one very talented lady :).  She sells her kimono creations too :).  I love her new creations!  I do hope she'll grow to be an aspiring new designer.  Good luck in chasing your dream, Di!!!


featured: tarawih tote bag

Yes...I'm still alive and very very busy with my Interior Contracting work...Don't even have the time to post anything...let alone sewing :).   It's a good kind of busy, though.  I've done a few things here and there...I just haven't got the time to take pictures and post :).  Mbak Astrid from NOVA tabloid was kind enough to send me the soft copy of my latest tutorial for the tabloid :).  Sorry, it's in Indonesian...



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