Thursday, November 29, 2007

where did my tush go?

My whole life my tush have faithfully accompanied me..through fats and "thins" but now, they've decided to disappear!!! I've just noticed that I no longer have them...they're so flat now!! Though I could fit into my old old old jeans but my tush have decided to leave me :'(. I hope they'll be back soon hahahahahaha

Monday, November 26, 2007

em's first solid

I was bored at Mom's house today and since mom had some bananas, I thought I let Emma tried some and she totally loved it :) she even grabbed my hand a few times as if telling me that I was too slow and wanted some more, quick!! :D

Saturday, November 24, 2007

busy bee

We spent most of today on the road, looking for a nanny for Emma.  First, we went to Yayasan Mutiara Bunda, which is located at West Jakarta and we met 2 talkative nanny who's been working for 12 years with her previous master and the other was quiet and not so talkative.  From there, we went to this Yayasan Meida at Kelapa Gading...we got lost for about ONE HOUR because apparently there are TWO Total Fruit Shops at Kelapa Gading within the same stretch of road (and of course we didn't know that) so we went from one end to the other and back again!!!!! crazy....At Meida, we met this really nice nanny, but we think she was a little too expensive for her experiences, nevertheless she was quite nice...and at our last stop, we went to Yayasan Maria, also at Kelapa Gading and met up with 3 candidates...but we didn't like any of them.  In the end, we took the talkative nanny from Yayasan Mutiara Bunda :D, hopefully she's talkative enough to entertain Emma hahahahahaha...I'll need to test her for Hepatitis B, though...and I'll probably redo her x-ray for TB.  The thing I like about Yayasan Mutiara Bunda is that their office looks professional compared to the other 2, though I must admit that my friends got some great nannies from those two yayasan, I guess it's just people's luck sometimes.  What a tiring day...We were so hungry and when we were finally done, it was around 3:30 pm and we wanted to eat at Angke Restaurant...and when we got there, IT WAS CLOSED!!!!  We were SOOOOOOO pissed and disappointed!  We ended up eating at this crappy Loy Kee Hainanese Restaurant at La Piazza...ow well...enough to fill our hungry tummy :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

love singlets

I love these fitted singlets by Bonds. When I was in Brisbane, since it was winter when Emma was born, the midwives used to tell us to put on a layer of singlet underneath Emma's shirt. I bought Bonds singlets for Emma and I really like them, they're very comfy and the material is light and cool, perfect for Jakarta's weather. So, when Em's grandparents went to Brisbane last week, I asked them to buy some more for Emma, since she could no longer fit into her old ones :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the best tako yaki in jakarta

I love food and I love Japanese food and there's this really really good tako yaki at Kamome supermarket (I love Kamome too)...I forgot to take a picture of the tako yaki...I already finished those little cuttlefish balls :p and they have just launched a new food, tai yaki...I think it's similar to dorayaki?? but maybe not..they're also delicious...I love the one with tuna mayo but then again...anko (red bean) and custard cream are also good...maybe I should stop by Kamome again today :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

a school in review: BiNus @ Serpong

Today, after putting Emma to sleep and waited for her to wake up again, we were FINALLY ready to visit BiNus new school's open day at Serpong. When we got there, the info session was already over but there were still a lot of people touring around the school. I took some pictures of the school, it's a very nice suburban school, where the air is still unspoilt and the school is nicely designed by a well known local architectural firm Hadiprana.

The pictures above were taken at the ECY/Elementary area...I'd love to play at the playground :)

This picture was taken at the ECY/Elementary gate to the basketball court, track and field.

Take a look at the library! I'm loving it :) specially with those computers.
The following pictures were taken at the middle and high school area
The Canteen is overlooking the track and field court and a picture of Emma and I in front of the library...It'll be a few more years before Emma and I get to choose a school to go to :D

For more information about the school, visit their website at

another cool thing from Swanky Moms

Look at this great idea to show off your precious ones (can even silhouette my sausage dog "Cookie"). See the posting at Swanky Moms and for more info about this cool silhouttes, visit their website at

cool multi-function changing mat

As I was reading Swanky Moms, I came across this cool changing mat. If only this product was available then...I would've bought it for Emma to introduce more tummy time for her. I love the fact that it's slanted (been looking for this slanted pillow previously to no avail) and therefore can actually feed Emma on it. Pre-order them at if you're interested.

recycled mineral water bottle

While I was pregnant with Emma, I noticed some of the big name restaurants in Jakarta are re-using water bottles and just refill them with dispenser water!! I find it very cheap of them to do so and of course very very unhygienic!! What if, the previous drinker actually drank the water directly from the bottle?! That was when I started noticing all these opened mineral water bottle and I've been demanding sealed mineral water from then on!

lucky wang

As I was browsing my daily dose of interesting blogs, I stumbled across Lucky Wang at Babygadget's recent posting, which sent me clicking immediately to the website.  Unable to hold the urge of shopping...I ended up buying a cute Kimono and a Kimono One Piece for Emma :D.  Aren't they just the most beautiful thing?  I guess that makes me a sucker to beautiful fabrics.

Friday, November 16, 2007

waiting impatiently for my ordered quilts to be done

How I can't wait to see my new quilts.  I ordered 2 quilts last month from Bu Nissa, a King sized wedding ring quilt and a Twin sized nine patch quilt for Emma and they should be done some time next month.  I've also been in love with a white on white quilt by Cotonnier at Plaza Indonesia and a few weeks ago I finally ordered the beautiful quilt for ME :)
along with an order of a Little Red Riding Hood bed bumper for Emma.  Can't wait can't wait...Mommy Ape sure is a great designer :)! Keep up the good work :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a whole new world of blogging

I never knew that there are so many interesting blogs out there...really! I've posted some of the links of blogs that I subscribe :)

we love obin

I love OBIN...I just noticed that my whole wardrobe is filled with Cita-Shirts...short, medium and long name it :) Too bad I can't wear most of them, since I'm still breastfeeding. Nevertheless, some of her new collections are kinda big and I could start wearing Bin again :). I love the Ice Lemon Tea they would serve every time we go there and I love Obin's staffs, they're so polite and nice and even Obin herself is a very pleasant lady. So, to conclude..I LOVE OBIN! Pictures of us with one of Obin's staff at her Menteng's store.

lucky us

We're so lucky that Francis' brother has 2 beautiful children, and since they're 2 and 3 years older than Emma, they've outgrown some of their toys and Emma get to borrow them :). Which means..we save some money and space (since we'll return them) from buying new toys :D


I must admit...when I like something new, I want to learn and own everything to do with that new craft :D, well, my new interest is quilting! see how long this new interest will lasts me :) I do hope it will last long. So far, I've done a block of nine patch and ohio star, so proud of myself! Though I must admit that I don't sew neatly :p.


Turns out that Emma is teething! Though dr. Lineus said it's a little early but there goes...she's teething! No wonder she's been putting her fingers a lot lately. Emma will soon be having teeth! so excitedddddd...

no eczema

look look..Emma has no eczema, thanks to her anti histamin hahahahahahahaha so while this lasts, I'll take lots of pictures of Emma :D

annoying eczema

So..being Francis' daughter...Emma is bound to be allergic to many things :( I took her for her 4 months immunization the other day and dr. Lineus told me that her nose block might be caused by allergic reaction, which was triggered by her flu! So he gave her anti-histamin which also clears her skin eczema (apparently caused by her saliva and many other things) and He suggested to use Mustela cream...and asked me to apply some advantan cream for a few days then continue with my existing protopic cream, which apparently is mild enough for baby's skin. I've tried so many creams for Emma but so far, I think Mustela is quite good because it's quite moisturizing and has a lot of water content too....he also suggested hydrolotion (need to google it)...I HATE ECZEMA!!!!! :(

Thursday, November 8, 2007

emma's flu

Last week was hell! Our Emma was and still is sick!! All because of meeeeee...I caught this terrible flu after a tiring WIC Bazaar (I guess carrying Emma with a sling for 2 hours wore me out). She's been waking more often at night and had a bit of temperatures for the first 2 days. I took her to the doctor and she was such a good girl, she was actually a happy sick baby but I think because we've spoilt her by carrying her too much...she now becomes a cranky baby!!! Oooo She finally turned 4 months :) and ready for her next immo.

wic bazaar with a baby sling

Last week, Women International Club held a bazaar at JHCC and Mom got a few invitations from her friend, so Mom, me and the maid with Emma went to the bazaar and just before we left, I chatted with Catherine online and offered her to go and she happened to be she came with her in law, siew huey, hugh's mom :). Anyways... I was carrying Emma using the bubzilla sling, because I thought it would be troublesome to bring her stroller. When I first bought this sling in Brisbane, I found it very difficult to use because Emma was so small and I was afraid of dislocating her soft neck bone. But now, her bone is stronger and I find it very easy to use and very practical if compared to Combi's Ninna Nanna (I bought this as well and find it very difficult to feed her when I carry her, plus Emma usually gets cranky as I try adjusting the straps). I think this bubzilla sling cries for attention :) because a lot of people would stop me (at WIC) and say how cute Emma is (something that doesn't happen too often when she's in her stroller) and of course asked me how UNCOMFORTABLE she looked (she was sleeping and her head was all the way in)...but I think she was happy and comfy, coz she was all asleep at the bazaar :D

Anyways...WIC Bazaar wasn't as big as INACraft ( I LOVE INACraft ) but I did finally find 5 QUILTERS!!! SO HAPPY! and I found a lady who gives quilt lessons and Catherine and I are starting our first lesson tomorrow :) yay!


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