Thursday, December 15, 2011

hip hip hooray

To my beautiful and talented friend...who has just about everything...well, apart from these bags I've made especially for her...NOW you have everything :)...Happy Birthday, bff!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

tea party bag

Darryl turned 2 years old last weekend and we were given the pleasure of making her tea party themed bags :).  Well, as for the boys' bags, D's mom preferred the boat applique :D.  Hope you had a blast, Darryl and wishing you a wonderful year ahead :).

and a little something for the birthday girl


i fell asleep and it's almost christmas...

Yes...that's my excuse for being extremely lazy :D.  It's almost Christmas! and it's gift giving time.  Here's a little inspiration for your giftwrap...something super easy and nice.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

I love chai latte...always have and always will be :)...It is a perfect drink with a good carrot cake...yuum :).  I'm overjoyed to finally be able to make the chai myself :).


seaside home

A while back, I was contacted by Susanne Woods for her new compilation book called Seaside Home.  It is due to be published in March 2012 by C & T Publishing.  I've been excited for this for a very long time...and now, I am allowed to reveal the book cover...and my seahorse is going to be on it! :D...I CANNOT WAIT!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a toast to tinder tinker

My sister (Stephanie), her husband (David Getty) and their best friend (Matthew Jacobs), won another price from Holcim Foundation!  We're very proud of you.  It's the same project they used for Shim Sukkah.  They've won second place and it was awarded in DC a couple of weeks ago.  David also won a local design contest in Duluth, MN....I haven't got any pictures of his winning design, though.  Good job, peeps!

pictures were taken from Holcim's website


Monday, October 31, 2011

past navy birthday

Aldrik turned one year old :) in Perth :)...his talented Mommy made his birthday extra special with cards designed by her and printed by adorama.  Happy 1st, Aldrik! :).  I bet you had a whale of a fun.

picture courtesy of Albert Gunawan
picture courtesy of Albert Gunawan


happy halloween!

I had a lot of fun preparing little things for our Halloween party yesterday.  I was looking for bowls big enough to hold candies...and decorated them with my knk-cut cards :D.  No, they're not originally designed by me...I actually bought the designs from Silhouette SD and traced over it...I think I should be able to replicate most of them next time for my KNK software.  I stayed up really late cutting these cute little creatures :D but I had so much fun!  I'm looking forward to our Christmas party next :D.  Chia and Ana did a marvelous job decorating the Halloween table and the children definitely had so much fun.  Misfit waited impatiently for the magic show...because she wanted a fish!  So fish, she got :).

Various things cut using knk :D

Chia made the Strawberry Shortcake Dress for her daughter, Caramel apples by Chia, Cupcakes
Cake pops, assorted chocolates with my decorated plate, chocco cinnamon rolls by Chia
The Candy Halloween Table, Misfit participated in magic show


Friday, October 28, 2011

happy birthday, teach

Big M's teacher had a birthday today, so as a class, we've decided to give her something special.  I've decided to make her a big tote bag with the children's wishes and drawings for her.  Happy Birthday Ms.O .. wishing you all the best.


walk like an egyptian

On Tuesday night, my old one asked me before falling asleep about her UN Day costume...where's my costume, Mommy???  Have you made it??? My friends are going to wear a crown with many I panicked...I was just going to make something simple for her...and kinda ran out of ideas :P...So, came Wednesday and I was busy googling.  Yesterday I stopped by Pasar Mayestik and bought a few gold ribbons!  Last night, everything was done beautifully :).  I must say I love her costume :)  She wore it confidently and her class' dance was so funny...I kept laughing....after the show, we had snacks from all around the world.  A kind mom from Big M's class was in charge of the mini kebabs and mini samosas...they're really good :).  There was an Australian mom who brought sausage rolls...yuummm...I guess next stop in Christmas :).

I love the girl wearing the red costume...she definitely stood out :)
walk like an egyptian....


shy indian princess

My little one has always been quite sensitive...she does not easily blend in with her environment...and it was my fault for not asking her friends' indian costume design!  I thought they're all going to wear an Indian sari...but I was wrong! The others were wearing a simple Indian tunic!  She refused to wear the top and the skirt we've made for the sari.  It would've been much easier for me to sew the tunic...but alas, it was too late and hence, my little one was sulking on stage...refusing to move :p...I'm sorry, year I'll make it up to you :).  They were singing to the song Chamak chalo...I have no clue what it means :D


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

happy birthday, ma belle

Wishing you many happiness in life and may you grow up to be whatever your dream may be and know that you will always...always be our precious little princess :).

The Special Agent OSO party is finally over.  Last night, my cousin delivered the beautiful cake!!! I was pleasantly surprised with the result...thanks to her and her friends at Cookienary.  When Isabelle woke up this morning, I asked her if she likes the cake....and she said..."Why is it so cute, Mommy??".  Her sister wished her a happy birthday and when we came to her class this morning, she was all shy :).

Little misfit was so very shy...she didn't even want to blow her candles, but she was willing to cut her cake :)

The goody bags were of course done by us :D...assorted PJs with some snacks for each child.  I played around with my knk last night and made the children's names.  It was a lot of fun playing with knk :), it cuts like a pro...very clean and fast too...I love it :).

Assorted PJs and snacks for the children

The bento box was ordered from my meal box and I guess I was lucky Lukman was still able to receive my order :D.  I opted for the non fried foods for the children and they seriously looked good :).
Lil Misfit giving away her cupcakes and goody bags.

I love birthdays...though I will always complain during the preparations but seeing the smiles on my little princesses' faces make all the hard work worth while :).  Last night they helped me putting in the snacks into the plastic bag and they had such a blast doing so.  I still remember the excitement I used to feel during my childhood...the night before my birthday was always exciting and happy, and all thanks to my Mom :) and I am now oblige to give the same happy experience to my children...

Lil Misfit's first birthday present :D


Monday, October 24, 2011

special agent oso for misfit and my lovely knk

Tomorrow is little misfit's 3rd birthday and since her birthday never falls on holiday (LUCKY ME!), we'll celebrate it at school :)...she's been requesting a lollipop birthday, but she finally gave up on the idea and sounded happy enough to have it at school (pheeeww..).  I've been asking her many times, what sort of theme she would like for her birthday and on all of those occasions, OSO is her only answer....I've tried persuading her towards a more "princess" theme but nope...she's headstrong :).  So, OSO it is....I was looking for an OSO image on the web and there's one free invitation template from Disney Junior but the link was broken :( I stole the color scheme and idea and use it for Belle's invitation and gift tags.  

Gift tags and invites

My husband and I played with my latest cool toy...a KNK Maxx 24" machine...I must admit that it was HELL trying to set it up!!!!  I'm very bad at reading manuals! and after a few phone calls to their technical support, the machine was finally up and running.  Yesterday, I pestered my hubby to sit with me and read the rest of the thick manual...So far, I'm able to print and cut using registration mark....though it is still not as precise as Silhouette SD, but it is able to cut through thicker materials...such as the 220 gsm card stock for Misfit's, overall I'm happy...I am yet to play more with truly is a powerful machine...just not as user friendly as some of the plug and play machines.  I need to figure out its other functions.... 

KNK Maxx 24"


pouches and bag

For a cute little girl who turned 2, her mommy ordered some drawstring pouches :)...cupcake and bird for the girls, rocket and boat for the boys :).

Alex's drawstring pouches
A good friend of ours also had a birthday and we bought her a few different things...more like May2's survival pack :)...I was trying to look for a rattan basket but didn't have time to buy, I ended up making a large tote with her name appliqued on it.  It was done just in time when my ride picked me up for the ladies only party.  It was definitely a night to remember :D.

May's gifts tote


cherry apron set

About a month ago (or maybe more), my friend Diana requested an apron set for a birthday present.  Good thing she reminded me about 2 weeks ago :p, else I'd totally forgot about it.  I like the fabric combo for this set, and we've embroidered the name of the birthday girl as well :).  Happy Birthday, Alanna...happy cooking ;).


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

at home, in duluth

We arrived very late in Duluth, MN...our hotel was really overlooks the lake and it was a 2 bed-rooms apartment.  The next day we went to Steph's house...they've done a bit of painting and David has been busy making benches (for the wedding ceremony)...he's been making a few furniture for the house as the table...the little stool and a few re-upholstery works.  Their rented house was very photogenic...I suppose the white paint makes it look pretty :).  Duluth is a pretty little town, with beautiful lake...too bad we didn't have enough time to explore it.  Maybe next time?? :)  Oooo I went to Duluth Pack and bought this beautiful canvas bag with leather handle...made in Duluth with a lifetime warranty :).  Love it.


wedding favors

Hellow :) am baaack and been back for quite some time, actually...I've just been very busy with life.  US was nice but I still love my home sweet home and it's nice to finally be back home after a long trip.  My sister's wedding was lovely...very personal, simple and intimate :).  I'm finally showing you her wedding favors :).


Friday, September 9, 2011

back home....

I've been craving for those DELICIOUS red velvet cupcakes from little cupcakes in Melbourne...ooohh they are oh so so so so good :)...the little missies looove their Belgian Chocolate cupcakes....I must say all of their cupcakes are moist and yummy! and I'm not a big fan of cupcakes....I despite cupcakes, actually...but not these :D

So, back home, I've been trying to make cupcakes...and of course, I've failed miserably hahahahaha but starting to bake again (after probably 8+ years) actually feels good....and having wonderful employees who are willing to be my test subjects makes it even better...there goes my hard earned diet...booo hooo...and my sis' wedding is the end of this month! arghghghghgh

top: supposedly red velvet -the red coloring
bottom: cherry cupcakes...not too shabby, though I don't like the icing


melbourne's cafe

After Brisbane, we visited Melbourne and stayed at my sister's tiny apartment :D....all 7 of us (mom, dad, 4 of us and my lil sis).  Though cramp, we all had fun and loved each other's company (specially when the children are asleep hehehehe).  Whilst my parents, my sister and my parents' friends went to The Great Ocean Road to see the 12 apostles (7 now???)...The four of us took our time and had brekkie at Three Bags Full in Abbotsford...WE LOVED IT THERE!  My egg benedict came out beautifully and ooohhh sooo fresh :)...the chai was really nice too, though a bit on the heavy side :).

From here, we thought we should try one of the best coffee place in Melbourne (so the locals say....), we went and try St. Ali and we TOTALLY understand why this place won the hearts of so many people :). The coffee was nice and my cuppa chai was PERFECT :).  I fell in love with St. Ali :)...we are yet to try Cumulus...but it could wait till our next visit to the number 1 livable city in the world :D.


pulang kampung

Helloooo...I know it's awfully late...but to those who celebrated Idul Fitri...I'd like to wish you all a Blessed Idul Fitri :)...We went to Australia (again :p) during the Idul Fitri's holiday....we first arrived in Brisbane, the Misfits' kampung...they were born there, after all :D...It was a bit sad seeing all the familiar streets, places and surrounding...sad because we no longer have a house to go back to...My parents decided to rent out the house, since none of us are living in Brisbane any's sad being an outsider in your own "home"...but we managed to have fun...I went to my friend's COOL shop that was just open on the 25th of August in South Bank called Scrumptious Reads, a must place to go if you're around the area...I'll post some pictures of her paper cups-shop-installation!

We also took an afternoon at the Lone Pine's Koala expected, Big M was so excited..she petted the kangaroos and insisted on taking a picture with a Koala...Lil M was the total opposite of Big M :) but they both had a blast :).  We were like tourists in Brisbane...the next day we walked to South Bank, stopped by fresh food market...bought some delishh cakes and nuts, then took the Brisbane Eye.  I love will always be my home :)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

apples for a newborn

Finally finished this last night!  These will go to my sister's friend who just had a baby girl in Australia...hoping baby Vera and her Mum will like them :)


birthday pjs are done!

Fiuhhh...sewmanics is officially closed for holiday :D....As always, before the holiday, orders usually peak!  We're glad we've finished some urgent and last minute orders....mostly draw string bags :) we even participate at a local bazaar by LOKKA at Grand Indonesia's West Mall 5th Floor Mini Anchor, be sure to visit, since today is the last day :).  These are some PJs for our friend's little boy's birthday goody bags...I love love love how they turn out :D.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

bali = haven and haven = bali

I sneaked a little holiday in the beginning of this month, since my youngest sister has been nagging us to go to the Island of the Gods :).  It was a short but fun trip...with two of my aunties, and her grandsons.  Misfits were overjoyed...Big M loooves her Koko Nicholas...she followed him everywhere....even rebellious at times...they fought, they played, they had fun....I was happy :).  The hubby stayed was basically an all girls trip (with the exception of my nephews hehehe).


tutorial: diaper pouch

I've been wanting to do this but I've been too busy and lazy :).  So, alas! here goes...(it's about time...I know....).  Let me know if the link is broken or you need to ask a few questions about it.  Good luck!  Here is the link to diaper pouch


a glimpse of my sister's wedding

Steph had been asking me all the little things for her wedding (headache)...such as these beautiful flower clips for her, her bridesmaid and the flower girls (the misfits) by sibebo (thanks, Nel!!! They're beyond my expectations)....then Sewmanics did her screen printed tote bags (for out of towners), screen printed draw string pouches...her sash!!!!....and I have bow ties left to do!!! *fiuuuh*...her beautiful red cheongsam was done...I can't wait for the's going to be in Duluth, MN (yeah...some Kampung about 3 hours away from Minneapolis...sigh...).


little sofa

I've been wanting to order little sofas from Dreamesh :D....but you all know how small my apartment is...but, I couldn't help it anymore and bought 2! (the other one was a present for Misfit from tante Amesh). Aren't they just pretty?!!!!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

color of life by diana

My friend, Diana....won a partial scholarship in Italy, but she decide to turn it down....We both went to Lasalle's classes together and she's one very talented lady :).  She sells her kimono creations too :).  I love her new creations!  I do hope she'll grow to be an aspiring new designer.  Good luck in chasing your dream, Di!!!


featured: tarawih tote bag

Yes...I'm still alive and very very busy with my Interior Contracting work...Don't even have the time to post anything...let alone sewing :).   It's a good kind of busy, though.  I've done a few things here and there...I just haven't got the time to take pictures and post :).  Mbak Astrid from NOVA tabloid was kind enough to send me the soft copy of my latest tutorial for the tabloid :).  Sorry, it's in Indonesian...


Monday, July 11, 2011

more alphabet pillows

We got another order for a baby gift :).  Hope you like them!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

sewmanics' alphabet pillows

were used as moreno&co's photo props :).  We're so happy to see how they look.  These pictures were taken from their facebook page.  I actually know DSs and her husband in person, so I'm very happy when I found out the pillows we made were used for her photo shoot.

D and her husband :)


the princess' lunch bag

Remember my old posting? I've decided to use oliver+s pattern for the bento bag :) but instead of using fabric, I used plastic canvas.  I kinda like how they look...simple and happy :). 

When opened, it could be used as a place mat :)



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