Friday, April 9, 2010

tutorial: diaper/change of clothes pouch

I did want to make a tutorial out of can change it however way you want :) it's fun, easy and from a mother's point of view, it's quite certainly keeps your baby's clothes and diapers clean from the junks in the bag (I have a lot).  But, since I was too engrossed making this last one, I forgot to take, here's my attempt on a tutorial using corel draw :)


  1. hi Lia,
    thanx so much for putting up this tutorial can't wait i have now got a top 3 in my to do list!!! PS i love your blog you are very inspiring.... :)

  2. Amazing work as usual. I thought of you when I heard about the earthquake in Indonesia. It seems you and your family are safe. So glad.

  3. Thank you for rour tutorial. I'm sure that I'll use for my baby!
    Glòria (Catalunya - Spain)

  4. hey Lia, that's my pouch done now :) hope you like it please give me some feed back if you have time!!!! would love to hear what you think x

  5. hi Lia, thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials and inspirations. i just started sewing a few weeks ago and im scouring the web for new ideas and basically stalking them during my free time. your website is so cute and very practical. i have so many friends who are having babies so i will make one of these for a gift. thanks again! you are awesome!

  6. I knew I've seen it somewhere. Found the tute for the diaper pouch! Thanks!


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