Friday, September 9, 2011

back home....

I've been craving for those DELICIOUS red velvet cupcakes from little cupcakes in Melbourne...ooohh they are oh so so so so good :)...the little missies looove their Belgian Chocolate cupcakes....I must say all of their cupcakes are moist and yummy! and I'm not a big fan of cupcakes....I despite cupcakes, actually...but not these :D

So, back home, I've been trying to make cupcakes...and of course, I've failed miserably hahahahaha but starting to bake again (after probably 8+ years) actually feels good....and having wonderful employees who are willing to be my test subjects makes it even better...there goes my hard earned diet...booo hooo...and my sis' wedding is the end of this month! arghghghghgh

top: supposedly red velvet -the red coloring
bottom: cherry cupcakes...not too shabby, though I don't like the icing


melbourne's cafe

After Brisbane, we visited Melbourne and stayed at my sister's tiny apartment :D....all 7 of us (mom, dad, 4 of us and my lil sis).  Though cramp, we all had fun and loved each other's company (specially when the children are asleep hehehehe).  Whilst my parents, my sister and my parents' friends went to The Great Ocean Road to see the 12 apostles (7 now???)...The four of us took our time and had brekkie at Three Bags Full in Abbotsford...WE LOVED IT THERE!  My egg benedict came out beautifully and ooohhh sooo fresh :)...the chai was really nice too, though a bit on the heavy side :).

From here, we thought we should try one of the best coffee place in Melbourne (so the locals say....), we went and try St. Ali and we TOTALLY understand why this place won the hearts of so many people :). The coffee was nice and my cuppa chai was PERFECT :).  I fell in love with St. Ali :)...we are yet to try Cumulus...but it could wait till our next visit to the number 1 livable city in the world :D.


pulang kampung

Helloooo...I know it's awfully late...but to those who celebrated Idul Fitri...I'd like to wish you all a Blessed Idul Fitri :)...We went to Australia (again :p) during the Idul Fitri's holiday....we first arrived in Brisbane, the Misfits' kampung...they were born there, after all :D...It was a bit sad seeing all the familiar streets, places and surrounding...sad because we no longer have a house to go back to...My parents decided to rent out the house, since none of us are living in Brisbane any's sad being an outsider in your own "home"...but we managed to have fun...I went to my friend's COOL shop that was just open on the 25th of August in South Bank called Scrumptious Reads, a must place to go if you're around the area...I'll post some pictures of her paper cups-shop-installation!

We also took an afternoon at the Lone Pine's Koala expected, Big M was so excited..she petted the kangaroos and insisted on taking a picture with a Koala...Lil M was the total opposite of Big M :) but they both had a blast :).  We were like tourists in Brisbane...the next day we walked to South Bank, stopped by fresh food market...bought some delishh cakes and nuts, then took the Brisbane Eye.  I love will always be my home :)



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