Friday, September 9, 2011

back home....

I've been craving for those DELICIOUS red velvet cupcakes from little cupcakes in Melbourne...ooohh they are oh so so so so good :)...the little missies looove their Belgian Chocolate cupcakes....I must say all of their cupcakes are moist and yummy! and I'm not a big fan of cupcakes....I despite cupcakes, actually...but not these :D

So, back home, I've been trying to make cupcakes...and of course, I've failed miserably hahahahaha but starting to bake again (after probably 8+ years) actually feels good....and having wonderful employees who are willing to be my test subjects makes it even better...there goes my hard earned diet...booo hooo...and my sis' wedding is the end of this month! arghghghghgh

top: supposedly red velvet -the red coloring
bottom: cherry cupcakes...not too shabby, though I don't like the icing


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