Monday, May 10, 2010

tutorial: simple lined pouch

Why didn't I think of this idea before...this is exactly like making a book cover but instead of a book cover, I made the pocket deeper, hence making it into a pouch :) quite fun!

1. You need a piece of lining, the same length as your outer fabric.  You can use just 1 type of fabric, I've combined 3 fabrics for this pouch...the screen printed fabric is for the body where the flap closes whilst the blue japanese fabric is for the back and the flap of the pouch.  The honeycomb blue is used for the lining

2. Stitch the front fabrics together (right sides together), then top stitch on the right side

3. Make the button catcher using approximately 3cm x 5cm of fabric (depending on the size of your button), fold then stitch the catcher then pin it upside down on the edge of the flap

4. Right sides together, stitch the bottom edge of the fabrics

5. Turn right side out and top stitch the edge of the pouch

6. Sandwich the pouch (this is how deep your pouch is going to be), it will be like a letter M then stitch all the 3 sides leaving a gap where the flap is going to be for turning

7. Top stitch the flap and you're done


  1. Hi Lia, I think your blog is great! especially the tutorials are very easy to follow. I wanted to ask you where to buy fabrics there. My husband and I are going to Indonesia this july, and eventhough we will be in Yogyakarta I wanted to ask you if you know any good place to buy fabrics at good price. I love the patterns of fabrics there, are amazing! It would be great to find a place to buy beautiful and original fabrics and good prices too! I appreciate your help!
    See you!

  2. What a great tutorial! I used it to make a 'menu holder' for my little girl's kitchen!

  3. I love this bag! I have made a few of them now in different sizes and I just keep coming is the simplest one I have seen. I am now going to make one with some batting so I can put my cell phone in it. I think I am also going to make some kind of necklace to attach it to.

  4. thanks for the tuto, let me share this lovely tutorial by put a link in Indonesia CraftyBlog thank you, mbak lia ^^


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