Monday, May 24, 2010

unfinished project...

I first thought of the idea after seeing ni[D] from bloesem and I was totally mesmerized by her creations...they are soooo I thought of making one myself...and a few months later....this is all I got :( and I don't really know what to do with it :D


  1. *laugh*

    I have many of these, and after seeing another blogger I like post about hers, I made a flickr group for them.

    Perpetually Unfinished.

    I keep meaning to post about it on my blog, SongBirdGifts


  2. Lia,
    your blog is so inspiring, I want to dabble in a little bit of crocheting too! haha. I have learned a bit of informal crocheting from my aunt before and all I know how to make are rows and rows and rounds and rounds to make a doily. :)

    Can you tell me what type of yarn is this and what no. of hook to use for this type of yarn? Thanks so much.


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