Monday, May 3, 2010

help vote for chia :D

my very dear friend is today's finalist...and you can help vote for her at the ongoing competition at madebyrae!!  Help me vote for her :D.  She's an amazing seamstress and an amazing friend.  Her top is called sweet top by chia and you can vote for 1 day only by clicking on her name on the right.  And on the same note, my other friend, whom I met through the blogging world also got chosen as a finalist...she's also an amazing seamstress and knitter!  Hers is hokidoki simplicity 2601...good luck, friends!!


  1. Hi! That is a sweet top. Voted!

  2. I was just about to tell you I recognized your friend's top and voted for it right away ;-)
    I made 3 but I fear none will make it to the 60

  3. I voted for her already... x
    love the simplicity

  4. Thanks for rallying :)


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