Friday, May 7, 2010

happy mother's day to me and all moms

today, misfits' school held a mother's day performance and we were asked to wear matching outfits (similar color or similar design).  I decided to make ruffled dresses for the misfits and for myself.  I used the pattern from children's style book and simple style dress and added an extra ruffle for the children in the middle and followed the same design like the children's dress on my ruffled dress :).  I used size 80 for little M and added about 1cm extra for the neck and used a size 90 for Big M.

I originally made a size 110 for big M and that was way too big for her, so last night I decided to sew a size 80 for little M and gave little M's dress for Big M :).  It only took me 1 hour !! mine was done in about 1.5 hours...not bad, I must say...I was so scared when I was about to try my dress...I was scared it was going to be hideous...but it wasn't as bad as I thought :D.  I used a beautiful discounted linen I bought yesterday...and I'm planning to buy some more...the fabric is absolutely beautiful!


  1. Another reason to start learning how to sew. Matching dress with your daughter. Anyway, you look lovely, girls. Happy Mother's day!

  2. what a lovely idea - to be wearing matching outfit! your dresses are gorgeous!

  3. Oh mommy and me matching, so cute. What kind of fabrics did you use for both patterns?

  4. Happy Mother's Day! All of you ladies and the dresses are beautiful! I really like the ruffles!

  5. Happy Mother's Day ^^
    You and your princesses look lovely in those pretty dresses!
    Well done :)

  6. happy mum's day. what darling girls and beautiful dresses! :)

  7. THIS is why I missed out on having a girl! Your girls look great in the dresses you made. I love the ruffles. I have grown boys so some day I'm hoping one of them has a girl!


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