Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i've finally got you...

after a long peek at amazon japan...and even after actually trying to buy them online (but my card got declined for security reason)...these wonderful books are finally here...and I got them from kinokuniya last night :)...I need to make matching outfits for the misfits' mother's day event on Friday..maybe the ruffled dress would be nice for us...maybe...


  1. I'm looking forward to see you make something out of them!!:)

  2. umm.. i think there's sth wrong if ur comment.. i couldn't post with my name/url, it shows me as anonymous somehow... so i need to use my google id.. haha anyways, it's jo from chubbyhobby:P

  3. Love to find your creative blog! You are very talented :)

  4. GAK. I'm drooling!!! Those are such cute little dresses...

  5. lucky you ... the pictures are great and all the styles are lovely !!

  6. Hi Lia,

    I can order some Jap craft books from Kinokuniya Malaysia here, do you have 1 or 2 that you think are very good for beginners who are venturing into making children's clothes (even do not know how to read Japanese!)? Would appreciate if you can tell me the title and ISBN No. Thanks!!!


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