Friday, May 7, 2010

jicc bazaar

I went to JICC bazaar yesterday.  They were almost closing and I had to pay IDR 50,000! Which I think was overpriced for Indonesian standard :)...well, their target market was expatriate living in Jakarta, hence USD 4 was nothing for them :)...There were some interesting stands but still...IDR 50,000??? Even the biggest and most anticipated fairs in Jakarta don't usually cost that much :).  Nevertheless, I bought a Mickey Mouse cake mold and a Mickey Mouse egg cutter...Last night, I gave Big Misfit the Mickey egg and she just stared in awe...and refused to eat it HAHAHAHAHA

clockwise from top left: tulisan, kiddo bento(facebook) box accessories by a shop at MoI, Sylver Paige (facebook), and I totally couldn't find my name card on the last baby shop

clockwise from left: I believe it's by the Group of the deaf people, berries, Canvas I believe is the name of the last shop...they sell them at toi moi in Kemang


  1. nggak mampir ke stand mbak amesh mbak lia??? *kayaknya mbak amesh juga buka disana deh...*


  2. am sawiiiii gak tau gue kalo dicharge 50, mehong amaaaat :((

  3. Wow, interesting stuffs indeed...sayang aku ga di Jkt, jadi ga bisa dateng. Anyway, mahal juga ticketnya ya, Inacraft aja cuma 10rb :P

  4. aaarrggh ... gak kesampean nih kesini .. hiks


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