Monday, May 24, 2010

shirt dress take 2

I have this busy fabric I bought from my friend's factory and I was making a sample for our first bazaar...I still hate making shirt dresses...this one is from a Japanese's still very tedious and since I had no stabilizer, I ended up using canvas grade muslin fabric for the button holes and buttons hard to sew!  Drove me nuts


  1. Wow! I love this dress you made, good choice of fabric. Is the fabric like that or did you do some patchwork? The fabric is wonderful, is that batik. And are those covered buttons?

    Very creative background set up too for the photo shoot.

    May I know which Japanese book is this pattern from? very nice!

  2. Apparently I have not finished my slew of questions, haha!

    Does this dress require more than 1 yard of fabric?

  3. it may have been a pain BUT it looks ace lia x

  4. Yes, it looks really nice, I second that one. The fabric doesn't look cheap!! It's cotton right?

    Can you enlighten me on:

    'I had no stabilizer, I ended up using canvas grade muslin fabric for the button holes and buttons part'

    What's stabilizer?

    What buttons are those?

    I was also nervous when I sewed my first button holes using sewing machine last Saturday, I may just ruin my whole morning's work if I didn't do the buttons properly.

    Sorry, so many questions!

  5. The dress is just too cute! And your daughter is adorable in it!

  6. What a great job considering that you hate making it! It looks so stylish, you don't see a lot of kid's clothing with tie belt and sleeves buttons!

  7. OH she is sooo sweet! Models the cute dress adorably! Love the fabric, looks wonderful on her.
    Good job!!!

  8. I hate when I get stressed out. It really looks great. I REALLY love the fabric. She looks beautiful!

  9. She's gorgeous! and so is the the dress. Another wake up call to own a sewing machine.

  10. i love the way you combine the colours
    btw, that's made of a full yard of fabric or made of patchwork ?
    i'm glad i finally hooked up on Indonesian crafters blog
    i'm following you :)


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