Tuesday, May 4, 2010

featureistic monday

i can't tell how happy i felt yesterday...when I saw myself featured on bkids' mom story.  I felt like telling the whole world...instead, I told all of my friends and relatives :D.  I feel honored and happy :)...thanks, Irene...it makes me want to go forward and create more :)


  1. wah Lia, congrats, I enjoy reading the interview. I echo others, you are a great mom and business woman and a super prolific crafter. I can't wait to meet you in person soon :)

  2. Lia, that's a beautiful article! I love knowing you more! What a beautiful bunch of pictures of you 4! and what a beautiful craft space you have there, lucky you!

  3. Lia ... senangnya .. selamet ya. Gw udah baca artikelnya .. seru banget ..!!

  4. thanks for sharing. i enjoyed reading and happy to know more about you. :)

  5. ah aku banggaaaa! cup cup cup

  6. Waa, congrats ya mbak :)
    Love your children's pictures too...sooo cute!

  7. That's wonderful!! Feel so happy for you!

    anyway my word verification for this comment is busnari, a dancing bus. How delightful!

  8. Hello lia!

    I loved reading your interview and discovering your blog.

    I am French, living in Dublin Ireland and i lived in Jakarta for 2 years nearly 10 years ago...i really like your busy city and i am soooo pleased to read your life there.

    i'll come back to take some mews fro your two lovely girls.


  9. Loved reading about you and your gorgeous family, Lia! Love your blog!


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