Saturday, January 29, 2011

last day of stencil screen printing

what a day....I woke up around 6 am and found lil misfit a bit heart sank :(...she's down with fever...arghghghghgh but no other symptoms, most probably the 5 days fever virus again :'(!  So I was late to our last class, but luckily, it hasn't started yet.  

We learned swiss repeat today and it was so very interesting and definitely something I will definitely try in the future :)...but I'll most probably using autoCAD instead of cutting and pasting hands are sore from drawing, copying, cutting all those d*#n little flowers and triangles, and pressing the squeegee up and down.  I decided not to make the circle on the that it's done, I kinda regret it...ow least this time around, my pattern is not as horrifying as my first attempt last week :D.  

I definitely love the class and would recommend anyone interested in stencil screen printing to sign up :)...It was so fun and didn't even realize we were 1 hour behind schedule by the time we were done.  10.30am -5.00pm felt like an hour (literally).  I wanted to take more pictures but was too occupied to do anything else.  Lara was an excellent teacher and a lovely person.  Thank you for the insight and lesson...I had fun :)

the stencil, during and after exacto knife and cutter...phew
my fabric (on the left), beautiful fabrics by other students (on the right)
see here for more pictures
my painstaking stencil
unpleasant looking me last week, doing my unpleasant print :p, the picture
was taken by harvest textile


Friday, January 28, 2011

the monsters went crazy...

My lil monsters loooove Melbourne...well, there were some occasions when they wanted to go home because they miss their beds :) but apart from that, they love it here.  What I love about the city is the tremendous amount of parks everywhere.  It's free and entertaining :).  We also went to Melbourne Aquarium and they had a blast there.  We took the train and trams last Sunday and they loved, the lil one keeps asking to ride the tram every time we pass one :(.  We're planning on going to a zoo on Monday, should be fun for them :).

Park @ Glen Iris

Park @ Glen Iris

@ train and park in the city

Melbourne Aquarium


Thursday, January 27, 2011

stencil screen printing class

yep...I'm currently in the wonderful city of Melbourne :) with the girls and hubby...hence the lack of posting :p...I took the screen printing class by harvest textile, it is a 2 days course, conducted every Saturdays (last week's and this week's).  We left Jakarta on a Friday night and arrived Melbourne one hour delayed on Saturday morning, so I was about 1.5 hours late to class.  It was fun, though I was hoping there will be "emulsion" type screen printing.  I love love love their I wish I have a place like that :).  It makes screen printing so much easier...big long tables, lots of screen frames, abundance fabric paints (you can mix colors to your heart's content), big screen cleaning area and drying rack.  I wish I have a studio like this :).  My screened fabric didn't turn out well, though...I misunderstood the whole concept and tried being design involved in precise printing on top of the previous was a total disaster :)...hahahahahaha....ow wellllll....Lara, the teacher was really nice and would give wonderful suggestions to everyone :).

my failed print :(

the printing studio

the class room


my sassy girls

were asked to be the flower girls on my cousin's wedding earlier this year.  I was really excited :) and before THE day, I've been showing them all these videos from youtube of flower girls :).  They were such good girls, even lil misfit was cooperating.  They were so excited and though they got derailed as they walked down the aisle, they managed to go to the right direction :).

flower girls :)

the girls in action a few days afterward

I love it when they're willing to cooperate :D


Monday, January 17, 2011

material girl :D

Last year (month :p ), Geraldine emailed me and asked me if I wouldn't mind being featured on their column "The Hot Seat".  I was of course felt embarrassed but quickly agreed to it :p.  Here's the article on their newest edition of The Peak magazine.  Thanks, Geraldine :)


spoon roll

A friend of mine had his birthday last weekend, and his wife specifically requested for "house" gifts, since they're moving into their new house in a couple of months.  So I got them these tea spoons, peelers, glasses, and a golf glove with golf balls.  Since the tea spoons' case was bad, I sewed the spoon roll, instead.


surprise gifts from Belgie

Last Friday, I came home to a white envelope...I was so eager....I wasn't expecting anything in the mail...but there it was...a package, for moi!!! All the way from Belgie :).  When I tore open the envelope, I found these cute handmade things by Nat of by night.  I've known her for quite some time now, I think I was one of her first blog follower :) hehehehehe...She has talent, as you all can see :)...she now has a shop and a great blog! Nat, thank you sooo much for these lovely presents!!! I really do love them all!!!  They're OH SO CUTE :).  I haven't even personally thanked and emailed her...ooopps :)...but THANK YOU SO MUCH muach muach


Thursday, January 13, 2011

baby shower goodies

We've just finished another order for baby shower :).  It's for a baby boy who will be born in the year of the rabbit...hence the little blank cards and a special blank card of Benjamin's face :).  I do hope the recipients are happy with what they got and would find them useful :).  I love the fabric's color :).

On a good note, my friend just went by the house in Brisbane and took some pictures :) and it's A O KAY :) so I'm very's a bit high up the hill, thank God for the high driveway! I'll never complain about it again...promise :D


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

brisbane's flood :'(

This morning...I woke up to a horrifying picture...It's a picture of the gas station I used to fill gas while we're in Brisbane, Australia.  I asked my friend....where's that?? is that somewhere in Toowoomba?? or Ipswich?? but NO, the flooded gas station is the gas station down the road from our house :'(...I've been trying to call the tenants currently renting the house but to no avail.  My house is high on a hilly road, so I'm really crossing my fingers it does not get damaged nor flooded :(.  I wish there's something I could do for you, Brisbane!  The worst is yet to come :(.  The iconic restaurant "Oxley" is now gone!  I used to pass that place all the time...I just can't believe it's gone!  More news on Brisbane: Let's pray for them.  These pictures were taken by my friend, Djuli this morning.

Supermarket Racks

The Gas Station at Gailey Rd!


Monday, January 10, 2011

sirih-sirihan snack recipe

Last weekend, my family was invited to come to our family friend's villa at Tapos.  Truly a beautiful eco friendly villa.  We were served plenty of interesting foods.  The most interesting of them all was this little snack you wrap using popohan leaves.  They are soooooo delicious!!! Here are the ingredients...

1. Dried small fish cracker
2. Shaved coconuts, heated on a pan until the edges are browned
3. Dried Shrimp (heated on pan)
4. Onions chopped into little pieces
5. Peanuts (roasted)
6. Young ginger, cut into little pieces
7. Chili paste: chili + tamarind juice + shrimp paste + brown sugar (Gula Merah) then cooked until thickened
8. Cut fresh chili
9. lime cut into small pieces and lemongrass cut into small pieces

The leaves are called popohan, they're readily available in Indonesian supermarkets :).  Can't think of a substitute, though :) wrap all the ingredients into the leave and eat :)! Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

one handle bag

I know, my bag's name is totally uncreative :D.  My sister came to me a few days ago and started rummaging through my fabric collections.  She chose her two fabrics and asked me to make her this bag.  She didn't want something big, so the bag isn't too big.  Although, if you want it bigger, you can always enlarge it.  I'm not too good of an illustrator when it comes to drawing I hope it's clear enough :).  Enjoy the tuto and bag.  Do let me know if you're unclear about the steps :D hehehehe.  Here's the link to the tuto and pattern

The bag, modeled by lil misfit


five years and two children later...

you're still able to make me smile :)....your ridiculously stupid and funny answers to everything, never cease to amaze me and for loving me just the way I am, I am thankful...with you, I am free to be me...I love you :)...Happy 5th to us...well, 6th, actually :)
ps: thank you for the flowers and card



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