Monday, January 17, 2011

surprise gifts from Belgie

Last Friday, I came home to a white envelope...I was so eager....I wasn't expecting anything in the mail...but there it was...a package, for moi!!! All the way from Belgie :).  When I tore open the envelope, I found these cute handmade things by Nat of by night.  I've known her for quite some time now, I think I was one of her first blog follower :) hehehehehe...She has talent, as you all can see :)...she now has a shop and a great blog! Nat, thank you sooo much for these lovely presents!!! I really do love them all!!!  They're OH SO CUTE :).  I haven't even personally thanked and emailed her...ooopps :)...but THANK YOU SO MUCH muach muach


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  1. samaaaa aku jg dapet tas and pouch! she's really nice..


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