Thursday, January 27, 2011

stencil screen printing class

yep...I'm currently in the wonderful city of Melbourne :) with the girls and hubby...hence the lack of posting :p...I took the screen printing class by harvest textile, it is a 2 days course, conducted every Saturdays (last week's and this week's).  We left Jakarta on a Friday night and arrived Melbourne one hour delayed on Saturday morning, so I was about 1.5 hours late to class.  It was fun, though I was hoping there will be "emulsion" type screen printing.  I love love love their I wish I have a place like that :).  It makes screen printing so much easier...big long tables, lots of screen frames, abundance fabric paints (you can mix colors to your heart's content), big screen cleaning area and drying rack.  I wish I have a studio like this :).  My screened fabric didn't turn out well, though...I misunderstood the whole concept and tried being design involved in precise printing on top of the previous was a total disaster :)...hahahahahaha....ow wellllll....Lara, the teacher was really nice and would give wonderful suggestions to everyone :).

my failed print :(

the printing studio

the class room


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  1. iri pollll cpt plg trus ajarinnn, pantas ya km hilangg dr bb huhuuu have fun liii hugsss


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